standing committees

The seven Standing Committees of the Members Council on Library Services are each concentrated on a subject area. To see the membership of a Standing Committee, click on its link:

To find information about the work of each Standing Committee, visit the Library Services Wiki.


Collection Management and E-Resources Standing Committee

Institution/Organization Representative
Florida International University Valerie Boulos (Co-chair)
Florida Polytechnic University Kate Bernard
Hillsborough Community College Alicia Ellison (Secretary)
Lake-Sumter State College Nora Rackley
Miami Dade College Shalini Jagannath
Palm Beach State College Alyse McKeal
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Mark Marino (Co-chair)
Santa Fe College Jenna Miller
University of Central Florida Pamela Herring (Secretary)
University of Central Florida Ying Zhang  
University of Florida Tara Tobin Cataldo
University of Florida Judy Russell (MCLS Liaison)
University of South Florida Audrey Powers
FALSC Staff Representative Scott Schmucker



Digital Initiatives Standing Committee

Institution/Organization Representative
Hillsborough Community College Adonis Amparo
Florida Atlantic University Carol Hixson (MCLS Liaison)
Florida Atlantic University Joanne Parandjuk
Florida Gulf Coast University  Melissa VandeBurgt 
Florida International University Kelley Rowan (Secretary)
Florida International University  Jorge E. Perez
Florida Keys Community College Marcos Gonzalez
Florida Polytechnic University  Kathryn Miller
Florida State College at Jacksonville Shannon Dew
Florida State University Matthew Miguez
Florida State University Krystal Thomas (Chair)
Gulf Coast State College David Russell 
University of Central Florida  Lee Dotson 
University of Florida Chelsea Dinsmore
University of North Florida Marielle Veve
University of West Florida  Dean DeBolt
Valencia College Aysegul (Rose) Kapucu 
FALSC Staff Representative Lydia Motyka



Library Assessment Standing Committee

Institution/Organization Representative
Florida Gateway College Patricia Morris
Florida State College at Jacksonville Victoria McGlone (Chair)
Florida State University Kirsten Kinsley
Gulf Coast State College Connie Head
Lake-Sumter State College Katie Sacco (MCLS Liaison)
New College of Florida Tammera Race (Secretary)
Palm Beach State College Angelica Cortez
Polk State College Christina Fullerton
Seminole State College of Florida Morgan Tracy
Tallahassee Community College Helene Gold
University of Central Florida Meg Scharf
University of South Florida Audrey Powers
FALSC Staff Representative Brian Erb



Resource Sharing Standing Committee

Institution/Organization Representative
Broward College Hebah Wasilewski
Eastern Florida State College Gina Rippens
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Elaine McCreary
Florida Gulf Coast University Peggy Glatthaar
Florida International University Pushyamitra Veeramachaneni
Florida State College at Jacksonville Thomas Messner (MCLS Liaison)
Miami Dade College Lindsay Schriftman
Palm Beach State College Robbie Allen (Chair)
Santa Fe College Nance Lempinen-Leedy (Secretary)
St. Petersburg College Joshua Brown
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Theresa Smith-Ennis
University of Central Florida Lindsey Ritzert
University of Florida Melanie Davis
University of South Florida Jeff Honker
University of West Florida Stephanie  Clark
FALSC Staff Representative Wendy Ellis



Technical Services Standing Committee

Institution/Organization Representative
Daytona State College Mercedes Clement (MCLS Liaison)
Florida International University Rita M. Cauce
Florida State University Sarah Hess Cohen (Co-chair)
Miami Dade College Maria Alvarez
Northwest Florida State College Rhonda Trueman (Secretary)
Palm Beach State College Ken Myers
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Ileana Laplant
University of Central Florida Kristine J. Shrauger
University of Florida Jody Hewitt 
University of North Florida Susan A. Massey
Valencia College Jennifer Codding (Co-chair)
FALSC Staff Representative Melissa Stinson 



Textbook Affordability and OER Standing Committee

Institution/Organization Representative
Florida Atlantic University Carol Hixson
Florida International University  Valerie Boulos
Florida Keys Community College Kristina Neihouse
Florida State College at Jacksonville Melonee Lotterhos Slocum
Florida State University Devin Soper  
Hillsborough Community College Ilene Frank
Hillsborough Community College Roxanna Palmer
Indian River State College Alexis Carlson (Secretary)
Polk State College Kristen Jernigan
St. Petersburg College Jennifer Gregor (Chair
Santa Fe College Scott Tarbox
Seminole State College of Florida Ross Martin
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Meg Hawkins
University of Central Florida Sarah Norris
University of South Florida Chelsea Johnston
University of South Florida Todd Chavez (MCLS Liaison)
FALSC Staff Representative Rebel Cummings-Sauls



User Interfaces Standing Committee

Institution/Organization Representative
Florida Gulf Coast University Danielle Rosenthal (Chair)
Florida International University Marissa Ball
Florida Keys Community College Kristina Neihouse
Florida State University Mason R. K. Hall
Hillsborough Community College Kristin Heathcock 
Palm Beach State College Douglas Cornwell
St. Petersburg College Chad Mairn
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Margaret Hawkins (MCLS Liaison)
Tallahassee Community College Tricia Elton
University of West Florida Britt McGowan
FALSC Staff Representative Cherie McCraw