As per the MCLS Operating Procedures, the Members Council for Library Services (MCLS) elects an Executive Committee to assist FALSC and FLVC in coordinating library-related activities of the organization and to facilitate a collaborative and open communication process. The Executive Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Fostering communication among member institutions about FALSC issues and operations
  • Helping set the agenda for areas of interest for advisement
  • Soliciting, synthesizing, and communicating advice from the Members Council on Library Services to FALSC regarding service and product development.
  • Creating committees and task forces as needed
  • Participating in the selection of the FALSC Executive Director when a vacancy occurs
  • Recommending legislative budget requests and e-resource funding recommendations
  • Reviewing recommendations fo the Members Council on changes to Council membership and operating procedures
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with the Members Council on Distance Learning and Student Services and other entities


The Chair, Chair-Elect, and the Past Chair of the Members Council will serve as officers of the Executive Committee for the duration of their term as officers of the Members Council. In addition, the MCLS shall elect two at-large representatives for two-year terms on the Executive Committee and a Secretary who shall record, prepare, and submit minutes of the all Executive Committee meetings. The FALSC Executive Director is an Ex-Officio member of the Executive Committee.

The current members of the Executive Committee is:

Member Institution Position Term
Gale Etschmaier Florida State University Chair 2020-2023
Christine Boatright Florida Gateway College Chair-Elect 2021-2024
Stephen Banister Tallahassee Comunity College Past Chair 2019-2022
Judy Russell University of Florida Secretary 2021-2022
Brent Mai University of North Florida At-Large (SUS) 2020-2022
Morgan Tracy Seminole State College At-Large (FCS) 2021-2023
Elijah Scott FALSC (Executive Director) Ex-Officio  


A listing of past members of the Executive Committee can be found here.


The Executive Committee of the MCLS typically meets monthly via telephone or web conference.

Agendas, materials, and minutes for the meetings of the Executive Committee are listed below.

2021 Meetings
2020 Meetings
2019 Meetings
2018 Meetings
2017 Meetings
2016 Meetings
2015 Meetings
2014 Meetings
2013 Meetings