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The Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative website provides information, training, tools, and other resources for library staff at the colleges and universities served by the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC).

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Visitors are invited to learn more about the Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative (FALSC) and the 150+ libraries at our state's 40 public institutions of higher education. A clickable map locates the colleges and universities that we serve and provides links to each institution's library website.


update from the executive director

A great deal has happened with FALSC and with the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) since our last FALSC Update in June. To say that it’s been an eventful summer for FALSC and FLVC would be quite an understatement!

On June 29, we learned that the budget for the Complete Florida Plus Program (CFPP), which includes all funding for FALSC and FLVC, had been vetoed by the governor.

It was not immediately clear what the results of the veto would mean for FALSC and FLVC and for the resources and services that we provide. The Chancellors of the State University System (SUS) and the Florida College System (FCS) responded quickly to the situation and have collaborated to create a transition plan to enable FALSC and FLVC to continue operations without any interruptions in resources or services.

The SUS Chancellor and Board of Governors (BOG), in collaboration with the Chancellor of the Florida College System, are seeking a “Statement of Interest and Explanation of Plan” from SUS and FCS institutions in order to continue the provision of the essential services provided by FALSC and FLVC. More information about this process is available at https://www.flbog.edu/library-and-distance-learning-support-services/

Currently, all FALSC resources and services are continuing without any interruptions. As you will read about in this issue of the FALSC Update, all projects, including the NextGen ILS Implementation, are continuing as scheduled.

This academic year presents challenges and uncertainties that none of us in academia have ever faced before. Although FALSC staff have been working remotely now for over six months, and even with the additional concerns over the funding for FALSC and FLVC, all of our staff have continued to do their utmost to provide the best possible resources and services to all of the libraries that we serve. I am truly honored to work with colleagues who bring such high levels of commitment and dedication to their work each and every day.


To read the latest issue of the FALSC Update, click here.


FALSC STATEMENT ON RACIAL justice and social equity

The Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative (FALSC), an agency charged with and committed to supporting the educational goals of all persons, joins our collective voice with myriad other voices across our nation to speak out in protest of recent and recurrent events of social inequity and racial injustice.

As an organization that supports higher education, we maintain a commitment to the highest ideals of discourse, truth seeking, and the continued exploration of shared values of the human experience. FALSC provides library and information resources and services to more than 1.3 million students, faculty, and staff across the 40 public colleges and universities of the state of Florida. We recognize and cherish the incredible diversity and individual worth of each and every person across these institutions and across our entire nation.

We at FALSC reaffirm our dedication to our shared values of equity and inclusion in higher education and in all areas of life in our nation. These values are of little worth unless all individuals are treated consistently and equally to fundamental rights under the law.

We at FALSC uphold the values expressed by the Board of Governors (BOG) of the State University System of Florida in its June 2, 2020 statement, "A Letter to the State University System Community," available at https://www.flbog.edu/2020/06/02/a-letter-to-the-state-university-system-community/. As an agency of higher education, we agree with the Board of Governors that, "we must move forward with greater resolve to battle racism and systemic inequities wherever they exist."



FALSC's Library Assessment Standing Committee now supports a new discussion list called FL40-LIB-ASSESSMENT. This list serves as an open forum for crowdsourcing questions and discussion about topics related to assessment in Florida academic libraries. If you are interested, go here to sign up. For more information about the list and the Library Assessment Standing Committee, please visit their Libguide at https://falsc.libguides.com/LASC.



Selma Jaskowski at UCF retires; Bill Garrison from USF has died; Susan Mythen is appointed key ALA post; and more. Read all about it here.



At FALSC our continued goal is to provide superior customer service and ensure the institutions we work with feel confident and supported in any environment. This goal rings especially true as we respond to uncertainty around COVID-19. In light of the current environment, FALSC business operations will be conducted remotely until further notice.  Although most FALSC staff will be working remotely during this period, regular email communication will be monitored. Please feel free to reach out to any staff members as needed. We want to assure you that FALSC continues active business operations and we are committed to helping to support your needs.

If you have questions about FALSC operations, please contact the FLVC Help Desk, 877.506.2210 or help@flvc.org






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