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The Florida Virtual Campus Library Services website provides information, training, tools, and other resources for library staff at the 28 state colleges and 12 public universities in Florida.

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Visitors are invited to learn more about the Library Services unit of the Florida Virtual Campus and the 150+ libraries at our state's 40 public institutions of higher education. A clickable map locates the colleges and universities that we serve and provides links to each institution's library website.


update from the executive director


Hello Everyone, 


FLVC Library Services has recently completed another major project, the implementation of OpenAthens as an authentication platform for electronic resources. We launched the project to implement OpenAthens as an authentication platform in 2019. Authentication is one of those systems that we don’t give much thought to, until it isn’t workingWhen students and faculty need to access electronic resources and other online library services from off-campus (and in some cases also from on-campus), the authentication platform is the technology that tells the vendor platform (such as an online database or a journal platform) that the user is indeed authorized to access that resource. 

In prior years, most libraries used EZProxy as the authentication platform to access e-resources. However, as the online environment has become increasingly complex, it has likewise been increasingly challenging to ensure stable, reliable access to online resources In 2019, FLVC collaborated with all our member libraries to launch a migration to OpenAthens as the authentication platform of choice.OpenAthens provides functionality that simply isn’t possible with EZProxy, such as enabling users to authenticate resources without having to begin their research journey from a library resource. This “where are you from” (WAYF) functionality means that if a user finds a resource via a search engine or other online activity, the user will be able to authenticate to the resource without having to visit their library websiteOpenAthens thus dramatically increases access to library resources, while simultaneously maximizing the value of the online resources that libraries subscribe to.OpenAthens also provides a robust set of statistical resources that enable libraries to better analyze the usage and assess the value of online resources. 


Usage data and analytics are also one of the strongest features of Alma and Primo, our new integrated library system (ILS) and discovery tool.  In the previous ILS environment, records and data were often disaggregated and spread across multiple locations and platforms, making it cumbersome to collect accurate data for analysis and reporting purposes. However, Alma and Primo allow for the tracking and management of all records in a single platform. As an example of the value of having this functionality in a single platform, Alma and Primo make it much simpler to work with records for electronic resources. Prior to switching to Alma/Primo, FLVC had to develop processes to manage the importing of electronic records, such as records from the HathiTrust or the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI). With Alma/Primo, however, the process is much easier, requiring only a one-time setup of a profile for any resourceWhen this profile is completed, records can then be loaded via a regularly scheduled automated process. This process naturally saves staff time, and because it’s completely automated, also helps eliminate lapses and errors.  


There is a great deal of work happening as we continue to implement the maximal functionality of Alma and Primo, so please read through the relevant sections below.  You’ll also find news on many other topics in this issue of the Update, including a welcome to a new FLVC Library Services staff member, congratulations to several colleagues on milestones with FLVC, and an important word of thanks to a colleague entering retirement. 



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