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The Florida Virtual Campus Library Services website provides information, training, tools, and other resources for library staff at the 28 state colleges and 12 public universities in Florida.

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Visitors are invited to learn more about the Library Services unit of the Florida Virtual Campus and the 150+ libraries at our state's 40 public institutions of higher education. A clickable map locates the colleges and universities that we serve and provides links to each institution's library website.


update from the executive director

Hello Everyone,

Those of us who work in libraries know that in recent years there have been incredible changes in the resources and services that we provide.  As we emerge from many of the restrictions of the pandemic, there’s a resurgence of awareness of the new and vital resources and services provided by libraries.

CBS Sunday Morning recently aired a segment entitled, “Beyond Books: The 21st Century Public Library” (available at https://www.cbsnews.com/video/beyond-books-the-21st-century-public-library/), which demonstrates the many ways in which the “modern library is more than just a repository of books.”  These days, libraries are “public spaces designed to foster connections while keeping pace with technology and the needs of the community.”

Noting that libraries are “no longer warehouses of books,” but instead are “marketplaces of ideas . . . a community’s living room,” the segment demonstrates the many ways in which libraries are changing to better serve their users.  Collections of tools for lending, collections of seeds for gardens, idea labs filled with cutting-edge technology, podcasting booths, augmented reality screens, computerized sewing machines, board games and video games, Chromebooks and MacBooks, and even “jam sessions featuring the library’s collection of guitars,” are all presented as examples of how libraries are realigning their collections in order to build stronger engagement with their users.

Perhaps most importantly, however, are the ways in which libraries provide equity of access to all members of the community.  As one library user noted, “everywhere in our society, you have to buy access,” but the library is open to everyone in the community at no cost.  By providing access to not only knowledge and information, but also to technology and other non-traditional collections, the library inclusively meets the diversity of needs of the members of the community like no other institution.  As that same library user also observes, “I think that our society as a whole needs more institutions and public areas that are like the library.  It’s much more a model for how we should treat other people.”

I can’t think of a better reason to work in a library!



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