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The Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative website provides information, training, tools, and other resources for library staff at the colleges and universities served by the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC).

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Visitors are invited to learn more about the Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative (FALSC) and the 150+ libraries at our state's 40 public institutions of higher education. A clickable map locates the colleges and universities that we serve and provides links to each institution's library website.


Get the latest information on FALSC and FLVC's multi-year project to implement a next-generation integrated library system for public colleges and universities throughout Florida: status updates, training announcements and recorded training sessions, documentation, Information Technology advisories,  lists of local IT contacts and ILS Coordinators, implementation wikis and discussion lists, and more.

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July 2017

Promotions, appointments, and achievements in our library community

FALSC Update
June/July 2017

News on projects in support of the 40 institutions that our organization serves

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Institutions in the News
July 2017

Libraries are busy getting better this summer




We're Hiring!

FALSC is conducting a nationwide search to fill three leadership positions. Information about those positions is available on the website of search firm Myers McRae. We welcome candidates for:

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