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The Florida Virtual Campus Library Services website provides information, training, tools, and other resources for library staff at the 28 state colleges and 12 public universities in Florida.

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Visitors are invited to learn more about the Library Services unit of the Florida Virtual Campus and the 150+ libraries at our state's 40 public institutions of higher education. A clickable map locates the colleges and universities that we serve and provides links to each institution's library website.


update from the executive director

Hello Everyone, 


It’s been just over a year and a half since all FLVC member libraries went live on Alma and Primo as our shared Integrated Library System and Discovery Service. Even though that’s quite an amount of time, the system still feels “new” in many ways, and we’re all still learning our way together into the many features and functions of the system.  


In order to maximize the value of the functionality and efficiency of the new system, FLVC Library Services is scheduling a Virtual Site Visit with each FLVC member library. We began these site visits in February 2023, and we are scheduling two site visits each week for the next several months. Prior to each site visit, FLVC staff will contact the library with a series of questions to better understand the unique needs and challenges of each library. We then use that information to create a customized presentation for each visit, along with ample time for questions and answers. 


In each of these virtual site visits, we work with colleagues at member libraries to review and better understand issues and problems with both workflows and system functionality, often identifying solutions in the moment during the conversation. These site visits are an excellent opportunity for collaboration among FLVC staff and our library colleagues, allowing all of us to identify ways to improve the services and resources that we provide to students, faculty, and staff at all FLVC member libraries. I hope that as many of you as possible will attend the virtual site visit at your institution! 


In other recent FLVC Library Services news, I’m pleased to provide an update on FLVC’s application to join the Library Accessibility Alliance (https://www.libraryaccessibility.org/). At the December 2022 meeting of the FLVC Members Council on Library Services (MCLS), the MCLS voted to request that FLVC apply for consortia membership in the Library Accessibility Alliance (LAA). I’m pleased to report that as of March, FLVC’s application was accepted by the LAA Steering Committee! We are beginning the onboarding process, which will include participation from both FLVC Library Services staff and from FLVC member libraries. There are four positions for library colleagues from among FLVC member libraries to participate on the LAA. The MCLS Executive Committee will meet soon to determine a process to accept and review applications for these positions. More information will be available soon! 



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