Use on-demand and system-generated reports to manage your library’s resources and assist in decision making.

University libraries may choose to run Aleph client reports as needed, request that FLVC run reports, or run ARROW reports.

All Reports

Access a combined list of most university library reports including ARROW (ad hoc) reports, Aleph client reports, monthly statistics, and digital library reports.


Aleph Client Reports

See the list of all university library reports to review a list of reports available in the Aleph client. Documentation for these reports is available from the Ex Libris Documentation portal; report-specific help is available in the report form in the Aleph client. You can also create custom reports and services in the Aleph client


ARROW Reports

ARROW reports are created in response to university library staff requests and can be run as needed. New reports are added frequently.


Special Request Reports

To request a specialized report that is not available through another service offered on this page, contact the Help Desk.


Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse consists of Aleph Oracle tables created to facilitate reporting.


NCES Academic Library Survey Comparison Tool

This useful tool allows you to compare statistics across similar library sites.


Report Server Hours of Availability

Aleph non-update and ARROW reports are always available during these hours.