Scholarly Journals

FLVC provides a number of services for electronic scholarly journals under our Florida Online Journals (Florida OJ) program. We can work through your library, or directly with your faculty, to publish and/or produce their open access journals.

Using the Open Journal Systems (OJS) open source publishing software as the underlying system, we can help you:

  • Publish electronic journals from scratch with Florida OJ & OJS. If you need a publishing system for your journal, Florida OJ can provide a free platform and technical support. Using OJS, editors can have authors submit manuscripts, can edit the manuscripts, and can publish to the web.
  • Host electronic journals in Florida OJ. If you are already publishing through another system, you can still host with Florida OJ. OJS provides not only basic search and browse features for hosted journals, but indexing with the Directory of Open Access Journals, RSS feeds, automatic email notifications for users, and other features.
  • Provide access to licensed commercial journals no longer supported by the publisher.  If you have back issues of commercial journals for which you need to continue to provide access, you can host those journals with Florida OJ as well. We can support a variety of types of access restrictions for these journals if necessary. Hosting with Florida OJ gives your journal increased user access, well-developed and supported publishing software, security of data, and automatic integration with the Florida Digital Archive to preserve your electronic data. We encourage open access to all journals, but do support access restrictions if necessary. If your institution is interested in publishing or hosting a journal with Florida Online Journals, please feel free to contact us at:
  • Requesting a Journal in Florida OJ. If you are ready to request a journal in Florida OJ, please contact us with the information outlined below.
    • Names and email addresses of people who need accounts (additional accounts can be added later)
    • Journal Name
    • Desired URL of journal (in the form of

After we have created a journal for you, we request that  you also make a catalog record for the journal and include a link in the catalog record to the journal on the Florida OJ website.  This will allow researchers to more easily find your journal.

Where to Find More Information about Open Journal Systems (OJS)

Florida OJ runs on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) software maintained by the Public Knowledge Project.  Information on how to use the software can be found on the Public Knowledge Project’s website.  Two resources are particularly useful.

There is a page with short training modules at .  The “OJS for Journal Managers” course takes about 2 hours to complete and is a good starting point for new journal managers.  OJS allows other user accounts to be created with different editing permissions.  Other courses include training modules for editors and reviewers.  These courses may be useful to share with others involved in various aspects of your journal.

There is a support forum at where OJS users can post questions and answers.  This can help you to search for information on doing something specific in OJS.

FLVC also makes available a Florida OJ Quickstart Guide.

Report a Problem or Question to the Help Desk Please feel free to report any issues to

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