Expanded Access in HathiTrust

HathiTrust recently expanded access to all copyrighted print materials for patrons with disabilities. Prior to this action, access was limited to materials held at participating libraries. As a short-term solution – until migration to the next-gen ILS is complete – FALSC will continue to use the traditional (i.e., non-expanded) access for owned, HathiTrust in-copyright resources, while offering a method for searching the additional, non-owned resources directly from the HathiTrust database. FALSC will incorporate the expanded-access functionality once the next-gen ILS migration is complete.

New 3D Collection in The Orange Grove

A new 3D collection is now available from The Orange Grove. The collection consists of printable object models and parts – such as the human brain, and an Abraham Lincoln mask – for use with 3D printers. The models are public domain or licensed under an open schema, including Creative Commons, GPL, or 3DPL. Models are tagged and are searchable by subject category. Some include a Florida Common Course number for a course in which the model has been used. Contributions of more models are welcomed. Contributed models should be printable, include a photograph, and be in .STL file format.


May 2016

New Facets Added to Catalog

The new Islandora-related format facets/icons approved by Digital Initiatives Standing Committee (DISC) are now in production in the statewide union catalog. (Run an “empty” search, then in the Subcollection facet click Digital Collections to see results that display the new format facets and icons/icon text.) The new formats are derived from MODS typeofResource values that are unique to digital objects: still image, moving image, text, and sound recording – musical, sound recording – nonmusical. Clicking the relevant format facet will then display search results with icons and icon text related to that format facet.


January 2016

Broken Link Reports

FLVC responded to approximately 1,400 “broken link” reports during 2015. The reports come to FLVC from the “Report Broken Link” feature that is activated for six institutions which do not have direct linking turned on. The link appears on their SFX menu and the details of the broken URLs are emailed to Ex Libris to analyze in aggregate and to FLVC staff to determine if we can do anything to enable the links. All broken links reported last year were grouped into five categories: Link works / User error (477), SFX knowledgebase inaccuracies (319), Metadata discrepancies (311), Vendor problems (215), and Miscellaneous problems (74).

For broken links in any category other than Link works / User error, FLVC takes a range of actions including filing cases with Ex Libris to correct erroneous metadata in Primo Central, adding local dates of coverage to journals in the SFX knowledgebase, and filing cases with vendors requesting they acquire content that is missing from their platform. When problems are corrected, they are corrected for all institutions for which we manage SFX. The “Report Broken Link” feature is relatively new in SFX; FLVC has been responding to these reports for two years.


View Your Institution’s Cases

Cases at My Institution is a new that feature enables you to view all open cases for your institution. The list displays not only your institution’s enhancement requests, but also all open troubleshooting calls, requests for assistance, and other system- or service-related cases received from your institution by the FLVC Help Desk. You must have a Support Center account to view this list.

This new tool is available from the Get Help menu of the FALSC staff resources website, or directly from the Help Desk drop-down menu of the FLVC Support Center at


October 2015

PALMM interface


A portion of the PALMM (Publication of Archival and Digital Library and Museum Materials) collection has been migrated from the legacy DigiTool platform into the new FLVC-supported digital library platform, FL-Islandora.  The FL-Islandora PALMM site contains over 100 digital collections and over 500,000 digital images and links to all of the contributing institutions.  DigiTool, our legacy platform has been decommissioned. In addition, the Mango catalog, no longer contains metadata from DigiTool or the Aleph DLU01 library (formerly used to contribute some PALMM metadata).  Instead, metadata is being contributed directly from FL-Islandora sites, both institutional sites, and the FL-Islandora PALMM site. 

My Career Shines

A new service, My Career Shines, has recently launched.  MyCareerShines is powered by Kuder®, a nationally recognized company which provides research-based assessments and planning resources for individuals at various stages of their lives. 

Kuder® Journey™ is specifically designed for postsecondary students, college graduates and adults interested in pursuing a new career, from first-time job seekers to mid-life career changers to retirees who want to return to the workforce. The planning tool also provides resources for active duty military members, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and ex-offenders. 

With the comprehensive system, individuals will be able to assess their interests, skills and work values, explore occupations, identify educational requirements, find financial aid, and develop a professional portfolio of personal resources, such as resumes, cover letters and references. Additionally, students who have an account on Kuder® Navigator,™ which is the planning tool for middle and high school students, will be seamlessly transitioned to Kuder® Journey™ after graduation or at the appropriate age. 

The suite of new planning tools will be implemented in phases, beginning this fall. Kuder® Journey™ will be launched in October 2015, shortly after Kuder® Navigator™ in September. The online tools will be available in Spanish in 2016. The state of Florida is underwriting the cost of the suite of online planning tools, so there is no cost to schools, organizations or users.