Next-Gen ILS Task Force


We are ready to begin negotiations for a Next-Gen ILS and related products from Innovative Interfaces, Inc. The Negotiation Team has been tasked with responsibility for those negotiations, and will engage with the larger Negotiation Workgroup, as appropriate. In preparation for those negotiations, the MCLS provided input on several high-level planning assumptions in order to ensure that we are moving forward with a common agreement and understanding:

  1. FALSC will implement the complete set of products and services that Innovative bid in their proposal. This includes the Sierra ILS (replacing Aleph and related tools), the Encore Duet discovery interface (replacing Mango and Primo), and the EBSCO index of metadata (replacing the Primo Central Index). All predecessor products will be decommissioned once the Next-Gen ILS is live, and will no longer be supported by FALSC.
  2. We are planning for a summer 2017 implementation of those three major components.
  3. The libraries at all forty institutions will go live on the new system at the same time, in summer 2017. There will be no period of running multiple production systems in parallel.
  4. There will be a single shared bibliographic database for the libraries at all forty institutions.
  5. Training will be provided through a combination of online e-learning modules, a mixture of face-to-face library-specific and regional group training, and online webinars. The decision on how much to involve Innovative staff in direct training will depend on several factors including cost, quality, and availability, and will be part of the negotiation process.

The Negotiation Team and Negotiation Workgroup discussed the feedback we received on those planning assumptions at a meeting on November 12, 2015, and agreed that there were no significant concerns in moving forward. Following that meeting the Negotiation Workgroup also provided feedback on a draft training plan, including a recommendation on how much to involve Innovative in the training provided to front-line staff. The Negotiation Team is anticipated to begin formal negotiations with Innovative the week of December 14 and hopes to reach agreement on negotiation points by mid-January with a formal contract being signed shortly thereafter.

The MCLS also provided input into the Next-Gen ILS Planning and Implementation Framework, which outlines the expectations for how FALSC, the MCLS, the various workgroups, and local institutional staff will be working together to implement the new system. An updated version of the framework has been shared with the MCLS and the current standing committees, and is expected to be finalized at the December 2015 MCLS meeting or shortly thereafter.

FALSC has sent some sample data files to Innovative to help the vendor better understand the complexities involved in merging the SUS and FCS databases, as well as options for potential data cleanup.