Next-Gen ILS


Next-Gen ILS Task Force


FLVC will be moving forward with the planning for and acquisition of a next-gen ILS, thanks to the full restoral of our base budget, the recommendation for a two-year implementation timeline, and the support of legislative staff. A Legislative Budget Request (LBR) for 2016-17 for additional one-time funding has been reviewed by the UWF Board of Trustees, and was presented to the Board of Governors of the State University System at their meeting on September 2.  Dr. Pam Northrup provided an update on the LBRs at the MCLS meeting on September 3.

A model for the ILS Contract Negotiations has been developed and presented to the Executive Committee of the MCLS. The model consists of two tiers of participation: a Negotiation Team and a Negotiation Workgroup. The Negotiation Team will be communicating directly with the vendor to negotiate contract terms and conditions, and consists of the following people:

  • Lead Negotiator –Michael Dieckmann, Chief IT Strategist, UWF Innovation Institute
  • Procurement Officer –Angie Jones, Director of Procurement and Contracts
  • Legal Counsel – To Be Assigned
  • Legislative Liaison –Janice Gilley, Assistant Vice President for Governmental and Community Relations
  • FLVC Representative from Evaluation Team –Ellen Bishop, Manager of Library Services Technical Support
  • FLVC Director of Library Services –Lucy Harrison, Interim Executive Director of the Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative
  • MCLS Chair – Anne Prestamo, Dean of Libraries, Florida International University
  • MCLS Past Chair – Janice Henderson, Director of Learning Resources Center, Northwest Florida State College

The larger Negotiation Workgroup will not participate in negotiations with the vendor, but will be informed of those conversations and will advise the Negotiation Team on issues to be resolved with the vendor; provide answers to technical questions posed by the Negotiation Team; and act as representatives of the partner community on issues where a consensus decision is needed. The Negotiation Team consists of the following people:

  • Co-Chair –Lucy Harrison
  • Co-Chair -- Members Council on Library Services Chair –Anne Prestamo
  • MCLS Past Chair – Janice Henderson
  • Evaluation Team Chair –Jean Phillips, Associate Dean of Libraries for Technology and Digital Scholarship, Florida State University  
  • Evaluation Team Representatives from the Florida College System
    • Pat Profeta, Dean of Learning Resources, Indian River State College
    • Jenna Miller, Professor, Librarian, Santa Fe College
  • Evaluation Team Representatives from the State University System
    • Cecilia Botero, Director, Health Science Center Libraries, University of Florida
    • Kristine Shrauger, Head, Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services, University of Central Florida
  • FLVC Library Staff Subject Matter Experts
    • Jeannie Dixon, Senior Systems Applications Consultant
    • Wendy Ellis, Public Services Systems Specialist
    • Bill Kuntz, Manager, System Applications
    • Cheryl McCraw, Library Services Consultant
    • Mary Ann O’Daniel, Technical Services System Specialists
    • Gerald Snyder, Manager, Library Software Applications Programming
  • FLVC Director of Administration, Chuck Prince
  • FLVC Representative from Evaluation Team –Ellen Bishop, Manager of Library Services Technical Support

An internal pre-negotiation kickoff meeting with both the Negotiation Team and the Negotiation Workgroup took place on September 1, before official negotiations with Innovative begin. This initial meeting did not include the vendor, and was intended to set expectations for the Negotiation Team and Workgroup as we begin the negotiation process. We discussed the negotiation points identified by the Evaluation Team, clarified any assumptions or risks, and discussed the roles of the two teams.

FLVC shared and received feedback on a proposed organizational framework for planning and implementation at the September 2-3 MCLS meeting. The framework will be structured to involve FLVC staff, the MCLS and its Executive Committee, Standing Committees, workgroups made up of institutional subject matter experts, and representatives from all 40 institutions.