Negotiations with Vendor

We are planning to move forward with negotiations for a Next-Gen ILS and related products from Innovative Interfaces, Inc.; although there are many details that still remain to be worked out. The Negotiation Team has been tasked with responsibility for those negotiations, and will engage with the larger Negotiation Workgroup, as appropriate. We are anticipating that formal negotiations with Innovative will begin in late November or early December, and hope to reach agreement on negotiation points by the end of the calendar year.

As we move into this next phase, the Negotiation Team and Workgroup has asked the MCLS to provide input on several high-level planning assumptions from which we are operating at this point. The Negotiation Team and Workgroup will discuss all comments at a meeting on November 12, 2015, and will adjust these planning assumptions, as necessary, in order to ensure that we are moving forward with a common agreement and understanding. Should there be any significant concerns, the Executive Committee will discuss those issues at its November 18, 2015, meeting and provide the Negotiation Team with a final recommendation from the MCLS at that time.

At the September 2015 MCLS meeting, FLVC also shared and received feedback on a proposed organizational framework for planning and implementation. We asked library deans and directors to discuss the framework with their staffs, and to provide us with additional feedback. We are now incorporating that feedback into an updated framework, and plan to share that with the Executive Committee, MCLS, and standing committees soon. This Next-Gen ILS Planning and Implementation Framework is expected to be finalized at the December 2015 MCLS meeting, or shortly thereafter. Once negotiations are complete, we will work with the MCLS and the working groups to plan for, and implement, the new system.