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June 2016



Organizational Updates

This is my first report to you in my role as Visiting Strategist for Planning and Engagement with FALSC. Lucy Harrison has departed from FALSC and is now with GALILEO in Georgia. The search for the next Executive Director is underway. My visiting engagement is for the period until the new Executive Director joins FALSC. During this time I will be focused on internal and external communications, engagement with FALSC members, planning, and support of the work of FALSC director-level team in their critical roles in maintaining daily operations.

Ellen Bishop will continue to lead integrated Library Services. Claire Dygert will continue to lead E-Resources and Digital Services. Linda McCarthy will continue to lead Library Support and Training.

We have made a good start on the search for FALSC's new Executive Director. The Search Committee has been appointed. Ray Calvert, MCLS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect has agreed to serve as Co-Chair of the Search Committee. There are an additional four representatives from the MCLS at large, two each from the SUS and FCS: Elizabeth Curry (UNF), Lori Driscoll (GCSC), Pat Profeta (IRSC), and Julia Zimmerman (FSU). 

I am pleased to let you know that FALSC has begun recruiting for three open positions. These are: Assistant Director, Digital Platforms, expanding FALSC’s capacity to analyze, plan, and execute digital initiatives; Communications Coordinator, replacing a departing staff person, for FALSC communications, website content, ILS materials, and other topics; Library Services Analyst, focused on Sierra / Encore Duet implementation.

Positions should be posted in the next few weeks. In addition, recruiting is starting for several positions in DoIT (Division of Information Technology) which will also contribute to the resources for FALSC initiatives. FALSC is introducing a new logo. FALSC will be branded with its connection to FLVC. This provides the advantage of a unified image and presence for FLVC, one that includes all of the FLVC programs. You will see these graphics in action at the head of this report and in our presentations and handouts at the upcoming meeting.


Governance and Advisory Processes

The Members Council on Library Services (MCLS) held its quarterly meeting on June 14, 2016, at St. Petersburg College’s Seminole campus. Full minutes of that meeting will be posted online once available; highlights are included below. 

  • Lucy Harrison was honored during the meeting with a proclamation praising her service to the organization and the MCLS.

  • New officers and Executive Committee members were selected. They include: Kathy Miller, Florida Gulf Coast University, Chair-Elect; Jill Simser, Eastern Florida State College, Secretary; and Judy Russell, University of Florida, At-Large. Additionally, Christina Will, St. Johns River State College, will complete a one-year At-Large term, filling a vacancy.

  • The MCLS discussed how to handle lost books in a shared system—an issue which was brought forward to the council by the Resource Sharing Standing Committee.Before making its recommendation, the MCLS has asked the RSSC to look at three issues: Handling of lost books by other consortia, frequency of billing for lost books, and potential for automating the process. The MCLS also mentioned that it would like to know what the local policy is at each institution so that any recommendations will be compliant.

  • Pat Profeta, Indian River State College, provided an update on the newly-formed Decision-Making and Authority Working Group of the MCLS. So far, the group has reviewed the decisions document distributed at the February 2016 MCLS meeting, reviewed other organizations regarding decision-making and authority, and looked at strategic planning. In the future, the group will meet with Janice Gilley of UWF to get her perspective and to review the FALSC MCLS organizational documents.

  • The E-Resources Reframing Working Group, appointed at the February 2016 MCLS meeting, provided a draft FALSC E-Resource Framework as an approach to handling e-resources in the future, and asked for comments.

  • Both the FCS and the SUS are tasked with choosing which databases will be discontinued for the coming year. The Collections Management and the E-Resources standing committees provided some options. FCS members requested budget impact statements before making a decision. FALSC staff are working to pull together and distribute those impact statements. A vote on database cuts is anticipated for the end of June.Also mentioned during the discussion were the Springer negotiations.

  • Staff from FALSC discussed the FALSC Group Licensing service. Each institution has been asked to identify a single contact for E-Resource Group Licensing by the end of June. 

  • The MCLS discussed upcoming changes in funding for the Statewide Delivery program.

  • Dr. Pam Northrup shared the latest organizational chart from the UWF Innovation Institute / Florida Virtual Campus, including FALSC. She noted that existing funds would be used for the Sierra/Encore Duet project for year two, and that a Legislative Budget Request (LBR) for the integrated library system was not needed for FY2017-18. She also discussed potential distance learning fees on institutions—the impacts of which could be significant.

  • The FALSC Executive Director position is currently being advertised. 

  • Janice Gilley, UWF’s lobbyist serving as the Community Relations staff, provided a legislative update. She noted that we will need to work with newly-elected legislators to ensure they are aware of institutional, FALSC,and FLVC needs.

  • Dave Whisenant and Ellen Bishop updated the MCLS on the status of the Encore/Duet Implementation project, including project timeline and training plans. Proposed guidelines for legacy product support during the transition to the new system were discussed and approved. The council received demonstrations of the Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation site of the FALSC website, and of the wikis being utilized to document the work of the Working Groups.

  • Results of the April 2016 FLVC Help Desk Survey were shared during the meeting. This was the first time that students were included (along with library staff and other institutional users) in the annual survey. Highlighting the survey results: 91% rating for overall service, 95% rating for speed of initial response, and 97% rating for friendliness of representatives. Many positive comments were received.

The next meeting of the MCLS is scheduled for September 8-9, 2016, at Florida Atlantic University.

As a reminder, all agendas, meeting packets, and minutes of MCLS and Executive Committee meetings are available online here.


Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation


Planning and Implementation Teams
The Sierra / Encore Duet implementation Working Groups were formed, took part in orientation, and have begun their work. It was valuable to have MCLS Chair Anne Prestamo participate in the orientation session. The recording of this session is available at: https://sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?psid=2016-0510.1156.M.8FCCE4C62F70CFEEB6466BC2DDD698.vcr&sid=uwf0707.

FALSC staff liaisons have been appointed to support the work of each Working Group.  In addition, FALSC held five regional meetings this spring, all focused on Sierra Encore Duet. There was a total of 253 attendees representing the majority of FALSC members. At the MCLS meeting you will hear a summary of the work and input from participants in both activities.

The Steering Committee will hold its first meeting on July 15.

Initial Data Sets
We have begun the work on the initial datasets for this project. Bibliographic and item data and authority records were delivered to Backstage Library Works (BSLW) for their review. We have received an initial, sample file of merged Bib records. After review, adjustments have been made to the de-duping profile and returned to BSLW. Holdings records, circulation, course reserve, acquisition data, cash transactions, and patron data were delivered to Innovative. We have begun consultations and profiling instruction with Innovative for migration and data mapping. Data extraction, delivery and review is an iterative process that will be done multiple times over the course of the project.

Innovative provided training for FALSC during the last week in May and the first week in June. We have begun reviewing the documentation and online training that Innovative provides, and have begun asking all three vendors (Innovative, BSLWE, and EBSCO) more in-depth questions in order to prepare for the conversations we will have with the Working Groups. Online system training for the Working Groups will be scheduled soon. We also held a session for all library staff members called Introduction to Sierra and Encore Duet Documentation. There were 185 attendees. The recorded version is available here.

System Transition
As we transition into working with Sierra/Encore Duet, there will be significant effort involved in configuring the new systems and supporting the current systems. FALSC developed the following preliminary guidelines for legacy product support through the transition. These were discussed with attendees at the Regional User Meetings:
• Enhancements and integration requests (freeze now unless transferrable to the new system).
• Data loading and quality control (continue through the end of 2016, then freeze and develop in new system).
• Service requests for broken functionality or system settings in Aleph (depending on the request, may be worked on until acceptance of the new system).
We will share the results of the Regional User Meeting discussions, and will continue the discussion at the MCLS meeting. The guidelines will be revised if necessary and finalized after the meeting.


Other Library Projects

We upgraded all of the colleges from EZProxy 5.x to 6.x on Sunday, May 15. No issues have been noted with those upgrades and we are currently planning to upgrade the three university instances maintained by FALSC, along with FLA-PASS.

Help Desk
The FLVC Help Desk opened 1,596 new cases in May, and closed 1,424 cases. This represents a change of +48% since the same period last year. The Help Desk satisfaction survey is now complete and we will be sharing the report at the MCLS meeting in June.

The Collection Management and E-Resources Standing Committee (CMESC) has pulled together possible portfolio scenarios for 2017 for discussion at the June MCLS meeting.  This document has been shared as a part of the pre-meeting document distribution.

In addition, FALSC has been planning for 2017 Group Licensingand will be discussing the process at the meeting.

CSUL and FALSC are pursuing a new cooperative project for the licensing of Springer for 2017. CSUL is taking responsibility for the negotiations and will be forming a negotiating team. FALSC will provide the portal for contracts, updates, and other relevant information, and will keep the portal up to date. There will be an update on this initiative at the meeting.

We continue to work with several colleges to finalize their transition from materials vendor Baker & Taylor to Yankee Book Peddler. Unfortunately some institutions have started over because their initial YBP profile was not complete.

Compounding this effort was OCLC’s switch from WorldCat Cataloging Partners to WorldShare Collection Manager. As libraries have been transitioning to YPB, they have also been working to set up their Collection Manager profiles for YBP and other vendors for whom FALSC loads records into Aleph. We will continue to work closely with the colleges to ensure this transition is completed successfully.

Resource Sharing
The Tampa Bay Library Consortium (TBLC) has informed us that the statewide courier costs will be rising in October. We have had discussions with the MCLS Executive Committee on how to address this issue, and will bring some options forward for discussion at the MCLS meeting.

A few issues were raised at the Resource Sharing Standing Committee (RSSC) meeting regarding setup of lost billing workflows for SUS UBorrow lending libraries. The RSSC plans to present a few suggestions on how to proceed with lost books billing (e.g., each individual library to bill as needed, implement proposed automated workflow, or do nothing) to the MCLS at their quarterly meeting on June 14.

Centralized Data Loads, Extracts, and Reports
FALSC has continued regular monthly loading of records into the FCS (FCC01), SUS (UXU01), and PDA01 bibliographic libraries, and into the LCA10 authority library in Aleph. Patron data was also loaded regularly for the FCS and SUS libraries per their requested schedules. The April SUS Aleph record counts are also complete, and we have completed ad hoc reports for MDC (all items with Temp.Loc. checked). Monthly reports for May for the FCS are scheduled to be released on June 6. A new ARROW report was also created: Loans by Title and Textual Call Number -All Loans.

We continue to produce a report monthly of subfield 5KEEP fields which are in the incorrect order. We correct the order and notify the library when we see a pattern developing.

Data loading projects of note include:

  • New PDA/DDA/xDA plans for PDA01: New Plans: Ebook Central (ECC), Alexander Street Press (TCC), Removed JSTOR (UWF)

  • E-Book and PDA monthly updates: eBrary, Rittenhouse, Gale Lit Crit, EBSCO subscriptions, SWETS, FMG, SUS Coutts PDA.

  • LCA10: For 2016, we have loaded records through week 21

  • EJournal Serial Solutions: May is complete.

  • EJournal MARCit!: May is complete and June is in process.

  • GPO Marcive SUS e-books: May is complete.

We continue to consult with SUS libraries to develop and approve GenLoad profiles for library staff to use for ongoing data loads into UXU01. We are currently working on FSU’s Music _D cataloging project and with several institutions concerning Readex sets. We finished loading the replacement set of EBSCO URL updates for Netlibrary records for FAMU.

Recently approved or revised profiles include FAMU EBSCO, FGCU Swank Digital, FGCU Rittenhouse PDA purchase and FGCU Sage.

FALSC also extracts data from Aleph on regular schedules for shipping to outside parties (e.g., institutional financial systems, third-party discovery systems). We completed the yearly book chapter holdings extract and sent that to RapidILL in March, and in April completed a report for FSU to compare the FSU local print holdings to HathiTrust public domain resources. We have begun work on the annual holdings report to be sent to HathiTrust by June 30.

Bibliographic Database Quality
As part of the Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation, we have contracted with Backstage Library Works (BSLW) to provide de-duplication and authority control services. While we will continue with the work already begun to clean up records in the current Aleph catalogs, and will of course perform regular reports and automated clean up over the next year, our emphasis will now be shifting to the new Sierra environment. We will be working closely with BSLW and the appropriate Working Groups to ensure that the quality of the Sierra bibliographic database meets our needs. We continue to work with university library staff to identify non-OCLC record sets with OCLC numbers in the 035 field. We are currently working on Phase 2, records with multiple holdings. So far, over 140,139 records have been cleaned up. The spreadsheet used to track progress is available online at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10cWlXCUQs8vY4AueY44YkqgcEZ2nJu5D-kpgG0GbQro/edit?usp=sharing

The cleanup of bibliographic records with multiple 245 fields is complete. In total, 420 bibliographic records were cleaned up. We will perform this cleanup again before migration in case additional records with very long 245’s are loaded in the future.

We have provided a report to the colleges on pre-publication records in the system for which they have holdings attached (over 10,000 records). Instructions were also sent on how best to clean up these records. We appreciate the efforts of library staff in helping with this maintenance. The number of prepublication records in the FCS database now stands at 2,884. FALSC regularly performs additional manual and automated cleanup to remove duplicates and correct other issues. For example, we recently completed an OCLC duplicate report for the FCS, and are currently working on a duplicate ISBN report for the FCS libraries. We also recently completed work to delete obvious non-OCLC numbers from the 035 field for FCS records. We run a monthly report to identify subfield 5 KEEP fields in the incorrect order and correct them.

Digital Services

Archives Space
We are putting the finishing touches on a project plan for migrating from Archon to ArchivesSpace. A preliminary installation of ArchivesSpace software has been performed. To better support this area in future, we have a staff member who will be working towards a Digital Archivist Certificate.

A feasibility project to test load over 5,200 issues of the _radford _ounty Telegraph from UF’s Sobek instance into FL-Islandora’s Florida Digital Newspaper Library is underway.

Florida Digital Archive

  • Two new code updates have been tested and are ready for production: a fix to MOV file processing problems, and an update of DAITSS to accommodate the new PREMIS v.3 schema.
  • Two new DocMD schema elements proposed by Harvard University have been successfully tested and a production version of the updated schema is ready to go live. Carol Chou from FLVC and staff from Harvard University collaborated on the creation of this schema and FLVC hosts the schema.
  • There were 1,450 GB ingested: 3,147 packages and 815,276 files. There were 51 disseminations from UF. There were 0 withdrawals. Currently the archive has 227.89 TB, 532,995 Total AIPS, and 63,968,572 Total data files.

Florida OJ
A new journal was created for FSU, for the purpose of accepting submissions for the Society for Vocational Psychology’s 2016 conference. The conference organizers will use the blind review process in Florida OJ to receive, review, and accept submissions.


Upcoming Events

  • FL-Islandora Institutional Repository Functionality Project: July 18-19, 2016, FLVC, Gainesville
  • Members Council on Library Services: September 8-9, 2016, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton
  • Members Council on Library Services: November 30 -December 1, 2016, University of Central Florida, Orlando

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