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July - August 2016


Organizational Updates

This summer at FALSC has been a flurry of activity on all fronts.

I’m pleased to report that significant progress has been made toward selecting FALSC’s new Executive Director. The search committee has narrowed the field to several finalists; you will have an opportunity to meet them at two locations:  in Orlando at the University of Central Florida on Tuesday, August 16, 2016, and in Tallahassee at the Florida Virtual Campus, on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.  Details are available at the FALSC Executive Director Search web page.

As a reminder, the MCLS is well-represented on the search committee. Ray Calvert, current MCLS chair, is co-chair of the search committee. Four additional MCLS members – two each from the SUS and FCS – also serve on the search committee:  Elizabeth Curry (UNF), Lori Driscoll (GCSC), Debbie Robinson (TCC), and Julia Zimmerman (FSU). FALSC is represented on the search committee by Claire Dygert, Brenda Rutten, and Wendy Ellis.

A list of all search committee members, as well as the Executive Director Position description and other background documents, is available from the FALSC Executive Director Search web page. That web page will be updated throughout the search process.

On other fronts, FALSC staff and the Working Groups are immersed in laying the groundwork for the Sierra/Encore Duet implementation. Countless hours have already been spent in training and in working through detailed system documentation. We deeply appreciate our colleagues around the state partnering with us to make this project a success.

The first newsletter providing updates on key project activities was distributed in July. These regular newsletters, along with the FALSC website and the Implementation Groups wikis, will be used as the primary vehicles for sharing in-depth information about the project throughout its planning and implementation.

Governance and Advisory Processes

MCLS Executive Committee
The MCLS Executive Committee met on July 18, 2016. The committee discussed filling committee, liaison, and working group vacancies, and received detailed updates on the Sierra/Encore Duet implementation project and the FALSC Executive Director search.

The committee also discussed the topic of procedural votes: Specifically, whether voting on e-resources that are used only by one system (i.e., FCS-only or SUS-only), should be limited to members of that respective system and the Executive Committee agreed that this is how votes will be done in the future.   The next Executive Committee meeting, is scheduled for August 26, 2016.

The Decision Making and Authority Working Group, and the E-Resources Framework Working Group will meet with Janice Gilley (FLVC Liaison to those groups) to prepare for a robust discussion of recommendations at the September MCLS meeting.

The next MCLS meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 8-9, 2016, at Florida Atlantic University. Agenda and meeting materials are available online. I look forward to seeing you there.

Future meetings of the MCLS are tentatively scheduled for November 30 - December 1, 2016, February 13-14, 2017, and June 5-6, 2017.

Sierra and Encore Duet

Planning and Implementation Teams
All nine Sierra/Encore Duet Working Groups are meeting regularly, posting their agendas and minutes on the project wikis, and sharing updates and information with the corresponding listserv discussion groups.

The Steering Committee held its first monthly meeting on July 18.

The Implementation Team (comprised of the chairs of the nine working groups, FALSC project co-leads, FALSC Working Group liaisons and MCLS representation) is meeting bi-weekly. This team serves as the main decision-making body for specific project deliverables and for policy and workflow decisions, with input from the working groups. The FALSC project co-leads provide regular updates to the Executive Committee and MCLS, and inform the Steering Committee about any major impacts to the project’s timelines or deliverables.

Initial Data Sets and Configuration Profiles
FALSC has completed the initial data exports to both Innovative and to Backstage Library Works (BSLW), the vendor that will be merging the SUS and FCS bibliographic records for all 40 institutions. BSLW has the profile and the complete file of bib and item records to do the initial merge. Data extraction, delivery, and review are expected to be an iterative process that will be performed multiple times over the course of the project. In addition, FALSC staff have been working on  merging profiles for the RDA and Authority records. All other records – such as holdings, patron data, cash transactions, orders, budgets, vendors, and course reserves – have been sent to Innovative for initial profiling and analysis. FALSC has begun completing the profiling spreadsheets that will be used for the initial data mapping and configuration of the system. Working groups will begin their review of the configuration spreadsheets in August.

The Training Working Group sent a survey to the ILS Coordinators to help determine the logistics for in-person training of institutional library staff in spring 2017. The survey was due July 28. All working groups had initial overview training on the modules with Innovative in July. Recordings are available for viewing from the working group wikis and also from FLVC Learn.

System Transition
As we transition into working with Sierra/Encore Duet, there will be significant effort involved in configuring the new systems and supporting the current systems. FALSC developed the following preliminary guidelines for legacy product support through the transition. The guidelines have been discussed with attendees at the Regional User Meetings, and with deans and directors at the June 2016 MCLS meeting:

  • Enhancements and integration requests (freeze now unless transferrable to the new system)
  • Data loading and quality control (continue through the end of 2016, then freeze and develop in new system)
  • Service requests for broken functionality or system settings in Aleph (depending on the request, may be worked on until acceptance of the new system).

Other Library Projects

Help Desk
In total, FLVC’s Help Desk received 13,714 cases during FY 2015-16. Of that total, forty percent were related to library services. Here is a quick snapshot of those cases:

FLVC cases,

by origin, FY 2015-16

























Library Services-related cases,

by service area, FY 2015-16

Service Area


Library Processing (LAPS)








Staff Privileges











FLVC is pleased to announce that it has added an additional $14,000 from reserves to the statewide e-resources fund. This is in addition to the $87,000 that was added on June 24, 2016, and in addition to the $245,000 repeat contribution from non-recurring reserves that helped offset the loss when the separate budgets of the two systems were combined. The total statewide budget for electronic resources now stands at $7.2 million. The Collection Management and E-Resources Standing Committee (CMESC) has done further work on the portfolio scenarios for the 2017 statewide collection in light of the increased budget, and has shared  its report with the MCLS.  FALSC will host an online vote and discussion on August 12, 2017, on the 2017 collection.

Planning continues for the 2017 Group Licensing process. Thank you to the institutions that updated their contact information. More information will be coming out shortly about the timeline and the online session to prepare for 2017.

FALSC worked with the university libraries for a successful running of the Aleph rollover services to close FY 2015-16, and open the new fiscal year. We continue to work with several colleges to finalize their transition from materials vendor Baker & Taylor to Yankee Book Peddler. Unfortunately, some institutions have started over because their initial YBP profile was not complete. Compounding this effort was OCLC’s switch from WorldCat Cataloging Partners to WorldShare Collection Manager. As libraries have been transitioning to YPB, they have also been working to set up their Collection Manager profiles for YBP and other vendors for whom we load records into Aleph. We will continue to work closely with the colleges to ensure this transition is completed successfully.

HathiTrust Annual Holdings Update
Beginning in June, FALSC began identifying bibliographic record keys for print Serials and Monographs that will make up the holdings extract. After identifying all system numbers of monographic and serial print holdings to use for creation of files, the files were successfully created and delivered to HathiTrust on June 20.

Resource Sharing
A few issues were raised at the Resource Sharing Standing Committee (RSSC) meeting on February 3, 2016 regarding setup of lost billing workflows for SUS UBorrow lending libraries. At its June meeting, the MCLS asked for follow-up on the questions below. The RSSC will investigate and provide feedback.

  • Frequency of billing for lost material?
  • Amount of money spent over the last two years for lost material?
  • Which institutions believe they have the flexibility to make changes in billing?
  • How are non-Florida ILL materials billed?
  • Contact other consortia to determine common and best practices for lost book billing.

Centralized Data Loads, Extracts, and Reports
FALSC has continued regular monthly loading of records into the FCS (FCC01), SUS (UXU01), and PDA01 bibliographic libraries, and into the LCA10 authority library in Aleph. Patron data was also loaded regularly for the FCS and SUS libraries, per their requested schedules. The  June SUS Aleph record counts are also complete, and we have completed ad hoc reports for FSU Dirac Technology Inventory and FGCU Item/Loan Inventory and Holdings Inventory. Monthly reports for June for the FCS have been released.

We continue to produce a report each month of subfield 5KEEP fields which are in the incorrect order. We correct the order and notify the library when we see a pattern developing. 

Data loading projects of note include:

  • New PDA/DDA/xDA plans for PDA01: New Plans:  vendor “Film Platform” for FAU and FIU
  • E-Book and PDA monthly updates: Safari, Gale Lit Crit, ebrary, Wiley, Kanopy, SWETS, FMG, Credo and Cambridge.
  • LCA10: For 2016, we have loaded records through 1626
  • EJournal Serial Solutions: June is complete.
  • EJournal MARCit!: June is complete.
  • GPO Marcive SUS e-books: June is complete.

We continue to consult with SUS libraries to develop and approve GenLoad profiles for library staff to use for ongoing data loads into UXU01. We are currently working on Alexander Street Press revision for FAMU, MED YBP Ebooks for FSU, and Readex Serial Set and American Papers for UWF. We finished loading the replacement set of ECCO Record Reloads: Eighteenth Century Collections Online for FSU.

Recently approved or revised profiles include FSU Music CD Cataloging Project, FGCU Springer Behavioral Science Book Archive, FSU EBL and UF YBP Firm Orders.

FALSC also extracts data from Aleph, on regular schedules, for shipping to outside parties (e.g., institutional financial systems, third-party discovery systems).

Bibliographic Database Quality
As part of the Sierra/Encore Duet implementation, we have contracted with Backstage Library Works (BSLW) to provide de-duplication and authority control services. While we will continue with the work already begun to clean up records in the current Aleph catalogs, and will of course perform regular reports and automated clean up over the next year, our emphasis will now be shifting to the new Sierra environment. We will be working closely with BSLW and the appropriate working groups to ensure that the quality of the Sierra bibliographic database meets our needs.

We continue to work with university library staff to identify non-OCLC record sets with OCLC numbers in the 035 field. We are currently working on Phase 2, records with multiple holdings. So far, more than 140,139 records have been cleaned up. This is the spreadsheet used to track progress.

Florida Polytechnic University requested to remove Lakeland holdings. “South Campus” was removed from search results in Mango, and additional behind the scenes work is being done to clean up Aleph tables and delete any Items that had loans or other issues that prevented further deletions.

Digital Services
FALSC is putting the finishing touches on a project plan to migrate from Archon to ArchivesSpace. A preliminary installation of ArchivesSpace software has been performed. A member of FALSC’s staff is currently working towards a Digital Archivist Certificate to better support this area in future.

FLVC staff have conducted two site visits to colleges to provide support for Islandora. On June 13, Claire Dygert, Wilhelmina Randtke, and Amanda Yesilbas visited Hillsborough Community College, with a follow-up meeting held via Collaborate. On June 29, Wilhelmina Randtke and Amanda Yesilbas visited St. Petersburg College.

FLVC hosted an Islandora IR Camp on July 25-26 to kick-off the project to begin implementation of Islandora's Institutional Repository functionality. The goal of this working meeting was to define functional requirements. Staff from FSU, FAU, FGCU and UCF attended in person. The meeting was  broadcasted via Scopia, and recorded (audio) for those not able to attend.

Florida OJS

The upgrade to version 2.4.8 is completed on the Florida OJ development server and test server, and is scheduled to occur on the production server in early August. This upgrade will allow statistical reports on journal use, and will introduce functionality to record ORCID information about authors.

FLVC’s Quality Assurance team completed a report on Florida OJ, including assessment of accessibility and user design. Future improvements will be made to Florida OJ based upon their findings.

The Inventory of Digital Archives and Colleges held by Public University and Community Colleges, was recently completed by FALSC’S Wilhelmina Randtke. The report will be posted on the FALSC website soon. Thank you to all who participated. This will be a valuable tool to assist us when working on the future of digital services and sharing information statewide.

Upcoming Events

Members Council on Library Services meetings:

September 8-9, 2016, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton

November 30 - December 1, 2016, University of Central Florida, Orlando

See previous updates.