From the Executive Director, Elijah Scott


Elijah Scott

Prior to stepping into my current role with FALSC, I worked in college and university libraries for almost 20 years. After initially working in technical services for a couple of years, my subsequent positions were in reference and instruction, followed by roles in library administration. Early on in my career, I (naïvely!) wondered how and why administrators outside of the library could question the value of the resources and services we provide, since that value was (to me, at least) so patently obvious!

Naïveté, indeed!

In more recent years, I’ve grudgingly accepted the fact that our work in libraries is often misunderstood and undervalued, both in academic libraries as well as in public libraries and other sectors of our profession. I’ve also more willingly accepted the notion that those of us who work in libraries have a responsibility to find factual and effective ways to raise the awareness of our academic and administrative colleagues on the value and impact of our work. One way that we can accomplish that task is by finding new ways to make direct connections between the services and resources that we provide and the impact of those resources and services on student success.

FALSC recently collaborated with Broward College on a pilot project to use data related to student usage of library electronic resources and analyze correlations with student success. As you might imagine, this project required extensive preparatory work to ensure the security of the data, address issues of patron privacy, adhere to FERPA, and so forth. FALSC staff worked extensively and collaboratively with our library colleges as well as our general counsel to address all of these issues before proceeding with the project. While those issues were extremely important, what we’re all most interested in, of course, are the results!

While work is still being done to analyze the data, one initial correlation stands out to me: from this study, Broward concluded that “the Fall 2017 data shows students who used electronic resources and took either ENC1101 or ENC1102 had a higher success rate (ENC1101 of 14% and ENC1102 of 12%) compared to students who did not utilize these resources.” Those numbers show a strong correlation between the use of library electronic resources and improved success of students!

As with any pilot project, there’s still more work to be done, but for FALSC, the goal is to make this process available to all of our institutions as a tool that can be used to demonstrate the impact that the use of library resources can have on student success. In the near future, we expect to have a streamlined process in place that will enable us to collaborate with any of our institutions who might like to engage in similar research.

Educator and social activist Howard Howe once observed, “What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it feels about education.” In a time of constrained resources (especially budgetary resources) combined with ever increasing expectations of performance, it is critical that those of us who work in academic libraries make every effort to guide and shape the perspectives our respective institutions hold toward our libraries. We must find new and creative ways to quantify the value and impact of the resources and services that we provide to students, faculty, and staff. I can assure you that FALSC is a willing partner in this ongoing effort.

– ELIJAH SCOTT, Executive Director, Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative


Governance and Advisory Processes

MCLS Quarterly Meeting – Dec. 6 - 7, 2018

The next MCLS Quarterly Meeting will be Dec. 6 - 7, 2018, at FLVC Tallahassee, FL. Please visit the FALSC website for registration information. Agenda to come.

The Executive Committee of the MCLS met on Oct. 17.

To download materials from past MCLS and Executive Committee meatings, go to FALSC.org.


Other Library Projects


CMESC completed its recommendation for the 2019 statewide collection and MCLS Executive approved of the recommendations at September’s meeting. Unfortunately, the subscriptions for the following resources will be cancelled, effective Dec. 31, 2018:

Member Vendor Database
FCS Mergent Hoovers Premium
FCS ProQuest Us NewsStream
FCS ArtStor ArtStor
FCS Lyrasis (Oxford) Grove Art Online
SUS Value Line Value Line
SUS Gale Gale Directory Library
SUS Gale US History in Context
SUS EBSCO Index to Legal Periodicals

Most of these products will be available through the FALSC 2019 group licensing process that is currently underway.


Integrated Library Services

Aleph Upgrade to Version 23
FALSC recently posted a new document, “Aleph Version 23: New Features and Functionalities,” on the FALSC website. While FALSC is currently configuring and testing the new version, users can expect for library staff testing to begin in October with training webinars for all library staff kicking-off mid-October until mid-November. A new LibGuide with Version 23 documentation and workflow videos will be coming soon. The production upgrade and GO LIVE will take place during winter break.

Colleges Live on Mango and Switch to EDS Mega-Index with Full Text Finder
All 19 remaining colleges are live on Mango with their customized local interfaces, and all institutions that use Mango to display articles are live with the EDS article mega-index andFull Text Finder link resolver. All 40 institutions will continue to use UBorrow via the Mango interface. To join the new Mango listserv, FLVC-MANGO@LISTSERV.FLVC.ORG, contact the Help Desk.

Online “Open Office” hours for Mango and article linking will take place Thursdays from 2-3 p.m. Past webinar recordings can be found on the Mango Discovery LibGuide.


Centralized Data Loads, Extracts, and Reports

SUS Aleph record counts for August are complete. August monthly FCS reports have been released. Quarterly and annual vendor statistics for FCS released. SUS Aleph record counts through August are complete.

Ad hoc reports for various institutions were prepared on:

  • Report of reserve collections
  • Count of DVD/eVideo
  • Report of items in specific collection with specific item process status
  • List of ISBNs for use with YBP
  • Report of invoice totals by date range
  • Report of open orders with no payment in FY2018
  • Usage statistics on specific items in reserve collection
  • Duplicate holdings report with more fields than ARROW provides
  • Circulation by specific fund codes for specific time frame
  • Report of last copy suppressed
  • Duplicate ISBN report for SUS and FCS
  • Report of titles with specific text in 852 $x field
  • List of all titles (with ISBN) owned by institution for BOG report (related to textbook affordability requests
  • New form for shelf_list report to include sub_library

The following EZProxy database definitions have been added/updated:

  • Cochrane Library for State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota, St. Petersburg College, Santa Fe College, Seminole State College, Tallahassee Community College, Valencia College
  • Ovid for most of the colleges
  • Acland Anatomy for State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota
  • AtoZ Databases for Miami Dade College, Palm Beach State College
  • EpointPlus for Hillsborough Community College
  • Handbook Chemistry Physics for Seminole State College, Valencia College
  • Kanopy for Tallahassee Community College, Florida SouthWestern State College, St. Petersburg College, Polk State College, Miami Dade College
  • PubMed for Florida State College at Jacksonville
  • ReferenceUSA for Northwest Florida State College
  • Oxford Very Short Intros for Daytona State College
  • New England Journal of Medicine for Eastern Florida State College
  • American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine for Santa Fe College
  • RBdigital for Indian River State College
  • PubMed for all colleges
  • Fitne for Polk State College
  • Trial for Europa World Year Book for Broward College
  • Trial for Handbook Chemistry Physics for Broward College
  • Trial for Wiley Online for Palm Beach State College

Recent data loading projects include:

  • LC Authority loads complete through 1828
  • FAMU Serial Solutions MARC load current for August
  • EBSCO HLM MARC loads current through August for UF, FGCU, and UF
  • Profile and load PLI Practicing Law Institute for UF Law
  • To prepare for FCS move to Mango, deleted over 800,000 $856 URL fields from bibliographic records that will not be needed in Mango
  • August GPO records loaded
  • Monthly updates for Credo e-books, Kanopy e-books, Alexander Street Press PDA, Gale Literature Criticism e-books and Rittenhouse PDA loaded

Other recent FALSC activities include:

Proposal to remove the UBorrow return delivery time was included in Resource Sharing Standing Committee Report to MCLS for the September 2018 meeting. This change is based on a recommendation from the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), a division of ALA. It is in section 4.12 of the ILL Code with Supplement. Removing the return delivery time will make the patron's due date the same or less than the date the item is due back to the supplying library, instead of shortening it to allow for return delivery. It may result in overdue but will ensure that the patron is given the full loan period. FALSC will coordinate a message to Access Services Reps with more details and an activation start date.

Added new PDA vendors: Alexander Street Press e-audio, e-books, e-music, and e-video; Springer Open Acces.

The Aleph upgrade from version 20 to version 23 is moving along as scheduled. This quarter sees activity in testing of the new version. The target is to go live during the winter break in December.


Digital Services an OER Unit

Thanks to statewide support and participation we successfully submitted our grant application for the State of Florida Open Textbook Pilot; notifications will be sent to applicants on Oct. 1. The final application can be viewed here.

Archon to Archivespace migration and upgrade of Open Journal System are currently underway. More information will be sent directly to current product users.

We are beginning to provide recommendations and planning for the future of the Florida Digital Archive; all members are invited to provide feedback. Open comment and question webinar for all members on Oct. 2, 2018, please contact lmotyka@flvc.org to join.

New committee libguides can be found here.

Celebrate Open Access Week this October! Let's use this week to show how the State of Florida is “Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge.”


Around the Libraries

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The Members Council on Library Services will meet:

  • Dec. 6-7 at the Tallahassee offices of the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) and FALSC

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