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Elijah Scott

As of this October, I have been a resident of Florida for two years. What an interesting two years it has been! This morning at my home in Crawfordville, the thermometer indicated a less-than-balmy 30 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m contemplating composing a letter of complaint to the Florida Weather Bureau (there is such an office, right?), because this isn’t what I thought I was signing up for!

In all seriousness, I’m delighted to note the milestone of two years of service to FALSC and to the students, faculty, and staff of our member libraries. It continues to be an honor to work with dedicated professionals in the libraries of Florida’s public colleges and universities, as well as with the incredible staff of the Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative.

I’m equally delighted with the progress that FALSC and our member libraries have made on many fronts in the past two years. When I first arrived at FALSC in October 2016, our largest challenge was implementing a next generation integrated library system. Collaboration between FALSC staff and our colleagues across the FCS and SUS libraries enabled us to navigate through a difficult and challenging situation to a successful conclusion. I firmly believe that collaboration among our libraries across the state will continue to be the key to our success in providing exceptional resources and services to the more than 1.3 million students who attend our public colleges and universities.

As pleased as I am with the work we’ve accomplished in the past several years, I’m even more excited at the prospects of future collaboration. In the very near term, we will be going live on version 23 of Aleph at the end of December; we’ve successfully negotiated with multiple vendors to keep our e-resources expenditures within budget while minimizing the number of resources cut to achieve that goal; and we’re making excellent progress to stabilize and revitalize our services in the area of digital repositories.

With all that in mind, I won’t let this little cold snap dampen my enthusiasm! I’m excited at the prospects that are before us as we work to continually improve the resources and services we offer to each of our member libraries.

– ELIJAH SCOTT, Executive Director, Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative


Governance and Advisory Processes

MCLS Quarterly Meeting – Dec. 6 - 7, 2018

The next MCLS Quarterly Meeting will be Dec. 6 - 7, 2018, at FLVC Tallahassee, FL. Please visit the FALSC website for registration information. Agenda to come.

The Executive Committee of the MCLS met on Nov. 15.

To download materials from past MCLS and Executive Committee meatings, go to FALSC.org.


Other Library Projects


FALSC has finally negotiated pricing for our 2019 statewide collection of resources. We are pleased to report that no additional electronic resources will be canceled this year.

The FALSC group licensing process is underway, with 38 of the 40 institutions requesting pricing through our annual survey. We are in the process of distributing and receiving responses during this first round. Because of the delay caused by Hurricane Michael, we will continue to work on expediting the service to ensure that invoices go out on time this year. We appreciate your patience with the process this year.

FALSC staff continues to work on renewal license agreements with Wiley, Cambridge, and Clarivate on behalf of the participating institutions.


Integrated Library Services

Aleph Upgrade to Version 23
The Aleph v.23 TEST client is available for downloading and installing. Please visit our "Aleph v.23 Clients" web page for download instructions. Library staff testing in the new v.23 TEST client will run from mid-October until mid-December. We are also proud to announce a new LibGuide, Aleph v.23: Features and Functionality, which includes documentation and functionality workflow videos. For a summary of the new functionality, go to the document, “Aleph Version 23: New Features and Functionalities”, on the FALSC website. The production upgrade and GO LIVE is on track to take place during winter break.

In preparation for the Version 23 Go Live, FALSC hosted two webinars on “Aleph version 23: New Features”, which covered the highlights of the new features in all modules. The recordings of the repeated webinar can be found on the Aleph v.23 Upgrade LibGuide.

The first week of December we will be providing the Production Aleph v.23 Client for institutions to work with their IT departments to install on library staff PCs. You will not be using the v.23 Production Client until after Go Live, at the end of December. Stay tuned for exact Go Live dates and schedule. Shortly after Go Live, we will be hosting “Open Office Hours” for any library staff to hop on and ask questions. A detailed message with connection information, day and hour for the Open Office Hours, will be sent soon.

Mango and Switch to EDS Mega-Index with Full Text Finder
All colleges are live on Mango with their customized local interfaces, and all institutions that use Mango to display articles are live with the EDS article mega-index and Full Text Finder link resolver. To join the new Mango listserv, contact the Help Desk.

Online “Open Office” hours for Mango and article linking will take place Thursdays from 2-3 p.m. Past webinar recordings can be found on the Mango Discovery LibGuide.


Centralized Data Loads, Extracts, and Reports

SUS Aleph record counts for September are complete. September monthly FCS reports have been released.

Ad hoc reports for various institutions were prepared on:

  • New items added during 18-month period in the medical classification of “R” with price of item; for special project at one campus
  • Several requests for specific information for the ARL and ACRL reports
  • A report of all active serials/standing orders where the invoice was marked complete to resolve a problem with end-of-year rollover
  • Report of circulation statistics for specific collection for FY18. Report broken out by patron status to determine use of the collection
  • Report of number of e-books by call numbers for use with collection development and assessment work
  • Shelf list report of all items in reserve with loans (or with 0 loans)
  • Report of total circulation at a specific location by each hour for past 4 years (to help with staffing decisions)
  • Loans for 2 specific item statuses for 4 separate years
  • Shelf list of all items published in a specific decade

Recent data loading projects include:

  • Rittenhouse PDA updates
  • Harrassowitz PDA updates
  • Wiley PDA updates
  • September GPO Marcive
  • Added UNF to GPO processing loading backfiles from 2012 to date
  • Credo e-Resources
  • Kanopy e-Resources
  • EBSCO HLM monthly MARC updates for October
  • Serial Solutions MARC updates for October
  • Established new e-book DDA for FAU
  • 286,383 PDA/DDA records loaded
  • New institution specific Genload profiles for JoVE, Open Textbook Library, and Worldshare

The following EZProxy database definitions have been added/updated:

  • Modern Language Association for Eastern Florida State College, College of Central Florida
  • Fulcrum for North Florida Community College, Palm Beach State College, Santa Fe College, South Florida State College
  • EpointPlus for Hillsborough Community College
  • Ovid for most colleges
  • Emerald Insight for Polk State College, Seminole State College
  • ICE Learning Center for Florida State College at Jacksonville
  • Oxford Scholarship for Florida SouthWestern State College, Hillsborough Community College
  • Psychiatry Online for several colleges
  • R2Library for Lake-Sumter State College
  • Oxford Research Encyclopedia for Daytona State College
  • Safari Books Online for Palm Beach State College

Other recent FALSC activities include:

The Aleph upgrade from version 20 to version 23 is moving along as scheduled. This quarter sees activity in testing of the new version. The target is to go live during the winter break in December.


Digital Services

Florida Digital Archive

  • Florida Digital Archive Decision and Plan for the Future is underway now. Please review possible options for future of the FDA here. Second Open Discussion and Question Hour was held on November 19 from 1:00-2:00 pm.


  • All configuration settings for RightsStatements.org have been finalized on production Islandora sites. Institutions should have received information about this through the Islandora SubGroup (ISG), and are encouraged to return completed spreadsheet reports. In January, FLVC plans to comprehensively check PALMM Islandora materials for RightsStatements.org values.
  • A change was made to Islandora sites to make sites using the "Featured Collection" layout for the homepage look better when viewed on a cell phone.

Archon to ArchiveSpace

  • All librarians, archivists, and others working directly with the Archon or ArchivesSpace are encouraged to join the Archives Migration listserv: FLVC-ARCHIVES-MIGRATION@LISTSERV.FLVC.ORG. To join, email help@flvc.org and request to be added.
  • At this time, all libraries should be comparing records in Archon against the test loads in ArchivesSpace. When a difference exists, options are: modify the record in Archon, request Lyrasis change an auto filled value, or decide to leave the record as is and plan to change it later in ArchivesSpace.

Florida OJ

  • The upgrade from OJS 2 to 3 is underway. At this time, development servers are being worked on. In late November or early December, FLVC hopes to work on the test server, which will allow librarians and journal editors to see what current Florida OJ journal content will look like in OJS 3.
  • Seminole State College has requested a new journal, Rogue Musings, in Florida OJ.



Around the Libraries

Cay Hohmeister is retiring after eight years as Leon County’s library director and 18 years with Leon County. Cay says, “It has been a joy and a privilege to work with our wonderful library staff members and other Leon County offices. The Leon County Board of County Commissioners has long supported the library in its vision of ‘Inspiring a Love of Reading and a Life of Learning."

Library users--the people who come to the library and visit our website to use all of our services--make our jobs rewarding, varied and interesting. The library truly is for everyone.

Debra Sears, who has been the Library's Extension Services Manager for 10 years, will be Leon County’s new Library Director.


Upcoming Events

The Members Council on Library Services will meet:

  • Dec. 6-7 at the Tallahassee offices of the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) and FALSC

If you have any news that you would like to share in this newsletter and on our website, email us!

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