From the Executive Director, Elijah Scott

June 2019

Elijah Scott

Hello, Everyone,

Over the years that I’ve worked in college and university libraries, I can’t count the number of times that someone has asked me, “So, what are you going to do this summer?” Of course, my quick answer is always, “work!” I sometimes envy colleagues who may have a 9 or 10 month contract, but then again, I suspect I could quickly exhaust myself with projects around the house, so I’m probably better off at the office.

June is the month where we assess the effectiveness of our work over the course of the previous fiscal year, while simultaneously planning to meet the strategic challenges of the upcoming year.

Over the course of the past year, we’ve completed some major projects, such as implementing major upgrades to Aleph, providing enhancements to Mango and UBorrow, providing new services for assessment of e-resources usage via EZProxy Logs, and completing a migration from Archon to ArchivesSpace.

As we look forward to the 2019-2020 academic year, one of our major projects at FALSC will be the implementation of OpenAthens. If you haven’t already joined the FLVC OpenAthens listserv, you can easily sign up online.

The major project for FALSC and FLVC as we move into the beginning of the next fiscal year will be the procurement of the next integrated library system.  To the outside observer, this process may seem slow, but within our organization, there’s much work being done as we continue to work through the procurement process. Please keep an eye on the Integrated Library System ITN LibGuide for news and updates.

– ELIJAH SCOTT, Executive Director, Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative


Governance and Advisory Processes

MCLS Quarterly Meeting, June 6-7, 2019

The next MCLS Quarterly Meeting will be September 5-6, 2019, at the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota.

To download materials from past MCLS and Executive Committee meetings, go to FALSC.org


Library Support & Training

On June 12th FALSC hosted an OpenAthens strategy overview Webex meeting for the colleges and universities with the EBSCO and FLVC implementation teams to share the OpenAthens implementation plan and give member institutions an outline of the process and an overview of the tasks they can complete to prepare for induction.  Institutions are encouraged to being completing their OpenAthens Questionnaire and gather their subscription list while FLVC and EBSCO begin connecting schools to OpenAthens in waves of 3. Induction will involve setting up the IdP connection, getting subscription lists to EBSCO for setup in OpenAthens and beginning the process of Athenizing links. Communications and discussions for this project will take place on the OpenAthens Listserv – visit https://libraries.flvc.org/discussion-lists or email Brian Erb at berb@flvc.rog if  you need to be added to the listserv or if you have any questions.

Integrated Library Services

Next Generation Integrated Library System

FALSC would like to thank everyone who participated in the ITN process. We appreciate all the hard work of both the Evaluation Team and all the Reviewers across the state!

After the final vendor scoring at the Evaluation Team meeting on May 7th, a recommendation has been made for one or more vendors to be invited to negotiate. The Letter of Recommendation from the Evaluation Team has been finalized and sent to the UWF President, VP for Research and Strategic Information, FLVC CEO and the FALSC Executive Director.

The final task of the Evaluation Team was to compile a document of recommended Negotiation Points for the Negotiation Team. The work of the Evaluation Team is now complete and the work of the Negotiation Team will begin. The formation of the Negotiation Team will include the FALSC Executive Director and staff, FLVC CEO and Contract Manager, UWF Procurement, and a representative from the SUS and FCS.

We all continue to be under UWF Procurement’s Cone of Silence until negotiations are complete. As a reminder with ALA in June, all library faculty and staff should refrain from discussing the ILS process.


Mango Enhancements are being released on a quarterly basis, look for the next release at the end of June. As with previous enhancements, FALSC will conduct a webinar to review the details of each enhancement. Stay tuned for more details of the new features and the webinar recordings on the 2018 Mango Enhancements LibGuide.

FALSC will conclude the investigation of possibility redesigning Mango, as part of the Mango Feasibility Study, at the end of the month. The results from the online survey provided to all library staff, students and faculty to gather feedback on what functionality they wanted and what they would like the Mango interface to look like, will be included in the final report.


What's New: Library Projects and Services

Starting June 3, 2019, FALSC began incorporating HTML formatting in email notices. This is a new feature in Aleph version 23. The Resource Sharing Standing Committee tested and agreed on implementation for all. This new formatting will result in nicer looking, or better formatted email notices.

The MCLS approved the RSSC’s proposal to increase the loan period for UBorrow from 45 days to 60 days. Implementation will begin in late June, to be completed by early July 2019.

It’s about time for the end of FY Acquisitions Rollover for SUS Libraries. This year, all Aleph budget rollover services (including services run in both Aleph Test and Production) must be completed by July 12, 2019 due to upcoming FLVC COOP (Continuity of Operations) server testing. More details will be sent to the SUS listerv soon.

It’s also about time for the end of FY Aleph purge of patron records that are expired for at least one year, and have no outstanding circulation transactions. More details about the patron purge will be sent to the appropriate listservs soon. 

At the June MCLS meeting, FALSC held a discussion about SelfChecks and other peripheral devices, such as RFID gates.  At this time, there is not much interest in purchasing new SelfCheck systems, however, if any libraries are interested in mobile app based SelfCheckouts, please let FALSC know via Helpdesk requests.  In addition, before purchasing any peripheral devices that need to connect to the Aleph server, such as equipment (laptop, tablet) SelfCheckout systems, RFID gates/reporting, patron registration, CloudLibrary or other ebook suites, please let FALSC know.  We might be able to help negotiate a group discount if other libraries are planning a similar purchase, and we can begin the process of setting up the necessary secure connections from your device to the Aleph server. 


Centralized Data Loads, Extracts, and Reports

SUS Aleph record counts for December are complete. ­December monthly FCS reports have been released. 

Ad hoc reports for various institutions were prepared on:

  • Shelf list of picture books with a specific subject heading
  • Holding records with no items for particular collections
  • Assisted library staff with query for loan counts
  • Count of all OCLC-supplied records
  • Worked with several issues with the Data Warehouse and ARROW reports
  • List of everything in a specific sublibrary/collection
  • Worked with a school on various reports and services to clean up inormation in the item description field
  • Ciculation statistices for specific patron groups for specific sublibrary during a specified time frame
  • Assisted in work on 'student success' report at specific location for certain time frame; set up for study during the regular semester

Recent data loading projects include:

  • LAPS FCS Statistics 05/2019
    • # of patronloads - 489
    • # of borrower records added - 48,004
    • # of e-book Records added/update - 173,439
    • # of EDI transmissions - 17
    • # of orders added - 142
    • # of records extracted for EDS - 796,034
    • # of items purged via batch - 6,959
    • # of e-resouce records deleted - 361
    • # of Enhanced AcqOrder Titles - 307
  • LAPS SUS Statistics 05/2019
    • # of SUS GPO Loaded - 6,553
    • # of bibliographic records deleted from UXU01 - 0
    • # of SUS e-books processed - 48,444
    • # of Cassidy Law e-books processed - 1,363
    • # of EBSCO Holdings Link Management Records Loaded - 580
    • # of EBSCO HLM Records Modified - 53
    • # of EBSCO HLM Records Deleted - 685
  • LAPS FCS/SUS Statistics 05/2019
    • # of PDA01 Records Loaded - 89,324
    • # of PDA01 Records Deleted - 182,856



Statewide Collection 2020

The CMESC evaluated the statewide collection and has recommended the cancellation of one resource. The negotiation activities between FALSC and vendors are mostly complete. There are a few quotes that will note be available until later this summer as per some of our vendors. FALSC will work with the committee throughout the summer in assisting with collection decisions for 2021.


Group Licensing 2019

The FALSC group licensing process almost complete. FALSC is still negotiating one agreement, Mergent Intellect, and we expect to have this fully executed before the end of June.


Consortia Manager

FALSC is pleased to announce that the contract for Consortia Manager is finally executed and payment was issued this month. FALSC will begin implementation activities this summer.


FALSC/SUS Negotiation Team Partnership

The contract for Cambridge Online Journals is finally executed and sign up letters were issued to participating institutions.


Digital Services: an OER Unit

Florida Digital Archive

Archived materials from all institutions except the University of Central Florida and the University of Florida have been withdrawn.


Florida OJ

An upgrade to the Florida OJ site is scheduled for June 24 to 27.  During this time period, the site will be unavailable. Following the launch of the upgrade, the user interface will be different for logged in users.  A demo site is available at https://ojs.test.flvc.org and anyone involved with journal publishing can log in there and preview content. Instructions on the new software, and an FAQ about the upgrade are available at http://falsc.libguides.com/FloridaOnlineJournals/OJS3FAQandTraining.



An upgrade to Islandora code is underway and is presently being tested on the Islandora test server. Once the testing is completed the code will be installed on the Islandora production server.

An update to how files are processed for Books and Newspaper Issues went out to production in June.  Following this, someone uploading materials will no longer see a completion bar and instead the pages will be sent to a queue.  This small change in the user interface will facilitate faster page loads for all users including members of the public using the Islandora sites.



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