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Elijah Scott

New year, new ideas!

As we enter 2019, many of you likely do not recognize the name Charles Kettering. However, I can assure you that if it weren’t for Kettering, neither you nor any of your library colleagues would likely have made it to work today –at least not without a sore arm! I explain this statement via two facts; first, I’m an old car nut, and second, Charles Kettering invented and patented an electrical starting motor that quickly made the hand crank obsolete, saving countless numbers of sprained thumbs and broken wrists.

Kettering had a remarkable career as an inventor and leader in business, eventually holding nearly 200 patents and developing inventions in fields ranging from air conditioning to automotive paint to diesel engines. As we start a new year, I’m especially fond of this quote by Kettering: “Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas.”

At FALSC, the new year will definitely be one that values new ideas! In 2019, we will launch several major new projects, the most notable of which is the second iteration of the procurement process for a next generation integrated library system (ILS). The University of West Florida Procurement Office has released the Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) for the ILS for responses from interested vendors.

As a part of the formal procurement procedure, it’s important to remember that during the procurement process, library staff should not discuss the process with any prospective vendors. All communications related to the ILS ITN should go through Angie Jones in the UWF Procurement Office at ajones1@uwf.edu.

During the first half of January, interested vendors have an opportunity to pose questions and receive additional information. The next major milestone in the process will come on March 1st, when all responses from interested vendors are required to be submitted to the UWF Procurement Office.

Later this spring, opportunities for vendors to demonstrate their products will be scheduled. Library staff from all FALSC colleges and universities will be able to view these demonstrations. The dates for these demonstrations will be announced once they are finalized.

More information about the ILS review process will be available following the March 1 submission deadline. After that, the real work of selecting and then implementing a new system will begin! This project will be a major multi-year effort with the end goal of providing new and enhanced services to students, faculty, and staff at all of our institutions. It will take “new ideas,” as Kettering says, to make this project a success!

Perhaps a more commonly known quote from Kettering is this: “My interest is in the future, because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” I’m very excited about the work that I see in the future for FALSC this year, and I look forward to the continued collaboration among all of our libraries that will ensure the success of that work.

– ELIJAH SCOTT, Executive Director, Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative


Governance and Advisory Processes

MCLS Meeting Updates

The next MCLS Quarterly Meeting will be March 7 - 8, 2019, at SPC - Tarpon Springs Campus. Registration information and agenda to come.

The Executive Committee of the MCLS will meet again on Jan. 16.

To download materials from past MCLS and Executive Committee meetings, go to FALSC.org.


Library Support & Training

OpenAthens Exploration

FALSC is facilitating an exploration of OpenAthens for authenticating library resources to replace or augment IP and EZProxy authentication. OpenAthens can best be described as a single sign on (SSO) “toolkit” that allows libraries to manage e-Resources access from a dashboard environment as well as collect and analyze usage statistics at a granular level – by individual user ID as well as by customizable groups. Not only does it offer improvements to e-Resources management and security, but it also provides powerful assessment tools to better ascertain the relationship of library use and student success as well as to better adapt limited e-Resources budgets. To this end, FLVC has committed to funding an implementation for all 40 institutions on an opt-in basis. You may view the “next steps” session we had with OpenAthens for a short demo and an extensive Q and A session with our members. Please contact Brian Erb at berb@flvc.org if you have further questions or concerns about OpenAthens.


Regional Meetings

FALSC is bringing back the Spring Regional Meetings in April 2019 and would like to encourage staff at our member libraries to participate by presenting at your preferred location on any topics that would be of interest to other FALSC members. We are in the early stages of planning, but dates/locations are as follows:

  • UWF - April 2
  • Seminole State College - April 16
  • St. John's River College St. Augustine - April 18
  • Florida Southwestern State College - April 30
  • Broward College - May 2

The meetings will generally occur from 10am to 3pm local time to allow for driving time and we are trying to arrange lunch at each site. A registration link will be forthcoming with only a small registration fee to cover lunch. There is a planning LibGuide with information that is being updated as planning progresses.

We are styling the meetings as “User Symposia” as we would like to achieve a mini-conference or “users group” feel with presentation contributions from our members to compliment information and presentations from FALSC staff. Presentation ideas on any areas of library service that would be of interest to FALSC users would be welcome and FALSC staff would be happy to co-present if you have any idea that lends itself to such collaboration. All ideas are welcome!

Please send your presentation proposals to Brian Erb with your name, topic, institution, and at which location you would like to present at berb@flvc.org.


Integrated Library Services

Aleph Upgrade to Version 23

The Aleph upgrade to v. 23 was completed over the winter break. As of the morning of December 27th, we were live in production on the new version. On January 11th, The Arrow Reports Service and access to the Data Warehouse tables for SQL queries became available. In addition, the Aleph Report Clients went live for the universities.

On January 2nd, FALSC held two, two-hour Open Office sessions on WebEx for any library staff to hop on and ask questions about the new functionality. As a result, there is a new FAQ page on the LibGuide that lists a number of the known issues in switching to v.23. While most have been resolved, please continue to contact the Help Desk at help@flvc.org with any additional questions.

As a reminder, PROD, TEST and REPT clients are available for download on the Aleph v.23 Clients web page and the Aleph v. 23 Upgrade: New Features and Functionality LibGuide. You will need a valid Aleph username and password to download the executable file.

For Version 23 documentation and functionality workflow videos, go to the LibGuide, Aleph v.23: Features and Functionality. FALSC hosted two webinars on “Aleph version 23: New Features”, which covered the highlights of the new features in all modules. The recordings of the repeated webinar can be found on the Aleph v.23 Upgrade LibGuide.



Last quarter’s Mango Enhancements have been put into production. Four of the enhancements were submitted by the User Interfaces Standing Committee (UISC) and one was submitted by FLVC. For more details of the new features, see the 2018 Mango Enhancements on the LibGuide. Enhancements to Mango will be released on a quarterly basis. The next set of enhancements will be released at the end of March 2019.

The recordings and presentation for all Mango webinars can be found on the Mango LibGuide.


ITN Released for Next Generation ILS

The ITN (Invitation to Negotiate) for the Next Generation ILS was released for competitive solicitation on December 22. The posting for the ITN is available on the University of West Florida Procurement website. All responses to the ITN are due on March 1, 2019, at 2:00pm CT. The release of the ITN officially kicks off the procurement process for the Next Generation Integrated Library System for our colleges and universities.

The release of the ITN also means that all library faculty and staff should refrain from discussing the process with any prospective vendor. Also, please note that it’s perfectly acceptable for staff to communicate with vendors about products other than the ILS. The communication restriction applies only to any questions or information related to ILS products.



On November 28 the IPEDS packets were emailed to MCLS representative and the institutional reports coordinator for all FCS schools. In order to facilitate communication to all FCS institutions regarding the survey, FALSC has established a new listserv (FLVC Academic Libraries Survey Discussion List). The list will be used to send reminders of dates regarding the survey; information for specific schools will be emailed to those schools directly.

The definitions for determining how items are included come from The IPEDS Survey Material Instructions. The survey is open for institution submission and review from December 12, 2018 to March 15, 2019. If you have questions or need assistance with the materials contained in this survey information packet, contact the FLVC Help Desk at help@flvc.org.


Centralized Data Loads, Extracts, and Reports

Monthly reports for FCS for December were released.

Ad hoc reports were put on hold due to the holiday and the version 23 upgrade.

Recent data loading projects include:

  • EBSCO HLM monthly MARC uypdates for December
  • Preparing for new PDA plans for Elsevier and Kanopy
  • Removing records for ending PDA plans for Kanopy
  • Established new load workflow for JoVE online videos

Other recent FALSC activities include:

The Aleph upgrade to version 23 was successfully completed on December 27.


Other Library Projects & Services


FALSC is in the process of finalizing new contracts with ProQuest and De Gryuter. The contract with Elsevier is finally fully executed. Purchase requisitions are being submitted and payment of invoices will continue for the next several weeks.

The CMESC will work on evaluating the statewide collection and make recommendations for 2020 in the upcoming months. FALSC will begin obtaining price quotes from vendors in January 2019, instead of waiting until July 2019. Please note this could take a few months as all vendors may not have pricing available in early 2019.


Group Licensing

The FALSC group licensing process is almost complete. We currently receiving letters of intent that need to be returned to FALSC by January 9th. In addition, we are negotiating a few new agreements and amendments, and we are processing invoices for each institution who submitted their letter of intent. We received assurance from our vendors that there will be no disruptions in service.


FALSC/SUS Negotiation Team Partnership

The contract negotiation teams are still working on agreements for Cambridge Online Journals, Wiley Online Journals, and Clarivate Web of Science, and they anticipate the Clarivate Web of Science agreement is close to being fully executed. We have been assured access will remain available while these contracts are in negotiation.


Digital Services an OER Unit

Florida OJ

  • In December 2018, three journals launched in the Florida OJ platform:
    • Studies in African Linguistics: Studies in African Linguistics has published continually since 1970. The journal is migrating onto Florida OJ from a static HTML page. FALSC has batch loaded back issues from 1983 to present, and is currently working with the journal to get metadata and load additional back issues.
    • SOURCE: The Magazine of the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries: SOURCE covers activity at the University of Florida Smathers Libraries, including collaborations within the library and with other departments across the campus. This is a newly launched journal which is using the Florida OJ software to manage the publication process.
    • UF Journal of Undergraduate Research: The Journal of Undergraduate Research has published continually since 1999. Back issues are available in the University of Florida Digital Collections. The most recent issue, Winter 2018/19, was published through Florida OJ, using the built in publishing workflows to handle drafts, provide feedback, and finalize the papers.
  • As a reminder, Florida Online Journals platform is available free-of-charge to any public universities or colleges in Florida wishing to publish open access content. If anyone is looking for a platform for student publishing, or for journals with close affiliations to your faculty, then you can get more information at Libraries.FLVC.org.


Archon for ArchiveSpace Migration

  • The following sites have moved Archon to ArchiveSpace and are now live in ArchiveSpace:
  • A LibGuide with information about the migration project is available for those looking for more information. This LibGuide includes a table showing the old Archon URLs, and the new ArchivesSpace URLs for each institution. Please update incoming links in any research guides or LibGuides you maintain, and on your library websites.
  • For institutions involved in the migration, the Archon site URLs will be redirected to the new ArchivesSpace sites, so that the public sees the new face of your archives. Meanwhile, you are able to request that specific IP addresses continue to access the Archon sites during a transition period, for example, in order for you to reference Archon records while doing post-migration clean up. FLVC has scheduled to take down the Archon server during the last week of March 2019. After March 2019, it will not be possible to refer to Archon. Please plan accordingly.


Florida Digital Archive

Current FDA affiliates should now be reviewing their current content packages within the FDA. Any packages that may be removed should be sent to FALSC by February 15th. Affiliates should let us know now their preferred location for content transition, if you have not already.


Digital Preservation

Any member interested in third party contract negotiation for a preservation system should contact Lydia Motyka at lmotyka@flvc.org and Rebel Cummings-Sauls at rsauls@flvc.org to confirm their interest.



  • Institutions have received information about RightsStatements.org values through the Islandora SubGroup (ISG), and are encouraged to return completed spreadsheet reports.
  • FALSC is currently checking PALMM Islandora materials for RightsStatements.org values.
  • Islandora will proceed with an upgrade in this year. This will include upgrades to back end software services that support Islandora, which should increase response time and decrease current reoccurring issues.


Staff Update

HIRING: A large part of January has been devoted to the interview process with Rachel Erb looking to fill the e-Resources Assitant Director position. We are also looking have active job postings for Library Service Analysts. You can find FALSC job opportunities posted on the Career Opportunities page.


Upcoming Events

OER Summit: Florida’s first Open Educational Resources (OER) Summit will be Feb 27-28 at the Sheraton Orlando North. We’ll be there with bells on, and hope to see many from our library community. The event will feature Una Daly, director of the Community College Consortium for OER, Nicole Allen, director of Open Education for SPARC, and other national and campus leaders involved in defining and driving OER strategy and initiatives. If you haven’t registered yet, there is still time –the deadline is Feb. 20. Learn more or sign up at www.flvc.org/oersummit. Please note: Room reservations must be made by Jan. 26 to qualify for our discounted rate.

MCLS: The Members Council on Library Services will tentatively meet March 7-8 at SPC - Tarpon Springs Campus.

If you have any news that you would like to share in this newsletter and on our website, email us!

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