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Elijah Scott

There are many ways that library consortia such as FALSC serve our members, but all too often, our work happens out of sight and out of mind. Recently, however, FALSC had the opportunity to participate in an initiative that achieved recognition in the scholarly world and at the same time had a direct and positive impact for the budgets of many of our libraries. A recent article in The Scholarly Kitchen “Advocating for Change by Limiting New Business: An Interview with BTAA’s Kimberly Armstrong” describes a successful collaborative effort among several large academic library consortia to push back against a policy change by a major vendor that would have been extraordinarily disadvantageous to our libraries. In this article, you’ll see how “nearly a dozen consortia representing roughly $60 million in annual spending, came together to publicly oppose this change,” from which we achieved a successful result for all libraries in North America.

Efforts such as this one are critical in a time where state-funded colleges and universities are repeatedly asked to do more in terms of student success while functioning on flat or declining budgetary resources. FALSC and other academic library consortia have an opportunity and, from my perspective, an obligation to support our members not only by providing exceptional resources and services, but also by advocating on their behalf to ensure that scarce financial resources produce the maximum value for students, faculty, researchers, and scholars. As we were working collaboratively with this group of library consortia to meet the challenge described above, one of our consortial colleagues developed the hashtag #respectourspend, with the intent to continue this conversation beyond this specific situation. Each year, FALSC staff work with e-resources vendors to ensure that our member libraries receive the maximum benefit of their budget resources. These negotiations can be both detailed and lengthy, but this work is an essential component of our efforts on behalf of our member libraries. By participating in the larger #respectourspend conversation nationally and internationally, FALSC is able to represent the best interests of our libraries and simultaneously have a positive influence on the state of scholarly publishing on a global scale.

By now, I’m sure that all of our member institutions are awash in students, both new and returning, as the new academic year begins. In my own experience, I can tell you that the traffic patterns in Tallahassee have changed dramatically in the past week! In a journal entry from 1952, Sylvia Plath wrote, “August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.” As students, faculty, and staff adjust to the beginning of a new semester, life may seem odd and uneven. Let’s encourage them to turn to their campus to smooth things out. Oh, and remember, #respectourspend!

– ELIJAH SCOTT, Executive Director, Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative


Governance and Advisory Processes

MCLS Quarterly Meeting – Sept. 11-12

The next MCLS Quarterly Meeting will be Sept. 11-12, 2018, at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota in Bradenton, FL. Please visit the FALSC website for registration information. Agenda to come.

The Executive Committee of the MCLS met on Sept. 19.

To download materials from past MCLS and Executive Committee meatings, go to FALSC.org.


Other Library Projects


CMESC is working on its recommendation for the 2019 statewide collection, and using the valuable data gathered from the survey earlier this summer. We are preparing to launch the FALSC 2019 group licensing process and are looking forward to another successful year, we will have more information forthcoming.


Digital Services an OER Unit

  • New Save the Date for the next OER Summit – coming soon
  • Digital Services and OER unit are actively coordinating a State of Florida Open Textbook Pilot grant application with DOE. We will begin submitting the grant application on Aug. 21.
  • Archon to ArchiveSpace migration is now underway.
  • Join the Open Textbook Network for an info session on The Publishing Cooperative and learn about the professional development, infrastructure and community they offer. Hear from OTN Co-op founding members, who will talk about what's involved and the different ways they're leveraging the Co-op on their campuses. Scribe will be available for questions. You can read more about the Co-op here.
    • Co-op Info Session #2, Wednesday, August 22, 8 a.m. Time, register here.


Centralized Data Loads, Extracts, and Reports

SUS Aleph record counts for July are complete. July monthly FCS reports and the annual FCS reports have been released.

Ad hoc reports for various institutions were prepared on:

  • Circ report for specific location (campus/collection)
  • List of Aleph accounts for an institution
  • Report of serial metadata for a specific collection
  • Added student ID to specific report for institution
  • Number of loans for specific time frame in specific call number ranges
  • Report of Orders not closed
  • Report of titles with no circulation for 5 years
  • Number of titles cataloged/updated for time period
  • Report of Holdings with no items attached (several institutions)
  • Report of serial holdings with holdings statement

The following EZProxy database definitions have been added/updated:

  • Oxford Research Encyclopedia trail for Polk State College
  • DeGruyter Online for Gulf Coast State College, St. Petersburg College
  • Opinion Archives for Broward College, Indian River State College, State College of Florida Manatee
  • Health Affairs for State College of Florida, Manatee
  • Choice Reviews for St. Johns River State College
  • Ovid for most of the colleges
  • ACLS Humanities eBooks for North Florida Community College, Palm Beach State College, Santa Fe College, South Florida State College
  • Feature Films for Eastern Florida State College, Florida SouthWestern State College
  • Health Reference Series Online for College of Central Florida
  • Kanopy for several of the colleges
  • PubMed for several of the colleges

Other recent FALSC activities include:

  • The Aleph upgrade from version 20 to version 23 is moving along as scheduled. This quarter sees activity in the configuration and testing of the new version. The target is to go live during the winter break in December.
  • FCS and SUS annual purge of expired borrower records completed.
  • Added new eResource vendors for FCS: Gale Literary Biography, Gale: Something About the Author, RB Digital E-Audio and RB Digital E-Book


Around the Libraries

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Upcoming Events

The Members Council on Library Services will meet:

  • Sept. 11-12 at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
  • Dec. 6-7 at the Tallahassee offices of the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) and FALSC

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