Librarians watching a webinar session together.

Register for in-person, online, and recorded training events provided by FALSC and by Innovative Interfaces.



Concerns? Questions? Comments? Please click the Suggestion Box to send your feedback and suggestions to the Training Working Group. 


April 4, 2017

The in-person training and webinar schedule will continue as planned despite the change in the implementation project's "Go Live" date to July 2018. The delay allows library staff greater opportunity to review data, test and customize local loan policies, and customize templates.

Library staff who have completed their training should now focus on reviewing their records and loan polices in Sierra and sending feedback to with any issues they find. They can also begin customizing templates and other functions within Sierra. 

Webinars will be offered throughout the coming year to increase knowledge on specific aspects of the system. Please see the webinar schedule and follow the instructions to register for the sessions relevant to you. Note that many of these webinars, such as customizing your notices and spine labels, require in-person training to be completed prior to the webinar.

All webinars will be recorded and made available to all library staff. Please check the Training Tracks wiki for recorded webinars and new documentation.


March 31, 2017

The in-person training effort is well underway, with 67 of the planned 152 days of training completed. Library staff who have completed their training should now focus on reviewing their data and polices in Sierra and sending feedback to help with any issues they find. They can also begin customizing templates and other functions within Sierra. 


Feb. 7, 2017

A new document, "Instructions for Trainees," is now available. This document includes items you should bring with you to the in-person training sessions, directions to the sessions, parking information, and more. Please download it, click Enable editing, and view the navigation on the left for trainee instructions and directions to your training host site.


January 10, 2017 

The Sierra / Encore Duet Training Working Group presented a training update on Jan.9, 2017. The meeting was well attended, with 220 library staff logged on. The main topic of discussion was the new Training Tracks document, which organizes the available training into topic areas. The group hopes this will give library staff a starting point as training kicks off this semester, and would like to encourage all library staff to review the document and start learning about the new system.

See the Training working group wiki for the session recording, the PowerPoint, and a link to the Training Tracks Document. Log in to the wiki with the view-only password. Contact the FLVC Help Desk for login information.


Recorded Training Events

Access recorded webinars and training material on your schedule.


Upcoming Training Events

View and register for upcoming training events.


Training Milestones


  • The Training Working Group will identify training requirements
  • Innovative Interfaces will provide system-specific training to FALSC and library staff
  • FALSC will develop live and recorded webinars on specific topics
  • Online training modules will be available for library staff
  • A training database will be available to library staff for testing and practice

July – December 2016

  • Training for Working Groups
  • Develop training for library staff

January – May 2017

  • Training for library staff provided by vendor
  • Webinars on ILS topics provided by FALSC

March 2017

  • Training server built, configured, and made available to libraries


Milestones and Events Milestones and Events


  • April: Contract signed
  • April: Working Groups form
  • April: Discussion Groups available
  • April-May: Regional user meetings
  • May: Documentation webinar
  • May-July: FALSC staff training
  • July-August: Sierra and Encore servers set up
  • September-December: Functionality training for Working Groups and FALSC staff


  • February-July: Training for college and university library staff statewide
  • August-September: Production server reload
  • October-December: Preproduction Verification
  • December: Executive Review