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View the latest news and status updates about the implementation process, along with a summary, milestones, and key implementation features. 


FALSC and Florida’s public postsecondary libraries are in the process of a transition to a next-generation integrated library system (ILS). This multi-year effort marks the largest transition to an integrated academic library catalog/discovery system in Florida’s history.

Implementation Overview

Organizational Framework for ILS Implementation


Implementation Status Update: December 2017

A NOTE ON WIKI ACCESS: Many items below refer readers to wikis for more information. Since there is proprietary information on the wikis, a generic password is required to view content. Access is available to staff at Florida’s public higher-education institutions. Please contact your local ILS Coordinator or the Help Desk, or (877) 506-2210 (toll free), to request log-in information.


Leadership and Collaboration

Library and technology staff from the Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative (FALSC), Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC), system vendor Innovative Interfaces Inc., and the colleges and universities have been working on an agreed-upon timeline to implement the new integrated library system, Sierra/Encore Duet, by July 2018. 

Key implementation groups include:

  • The ILS Working Groups made up of staff from the universities and colleges and focused on various areas of the new system 
  • The Working Groups' eight corresponding ILS Discussion Groups, which are open to all college and university library staff who would like to help test and shape the new ILS
  • The ILS Implementation Team made up of the Working Group chairs, multiple liaisons from FALSC, two project leads, and two representatives from the Members Council on Library Services.
  • The ILS Coordinators representing each of the 40 colleges and universities

Visit the Sierra / Encore Duet Implementation Wiki for details on each group’s activities, including meeting agendas, notes, and documentation.


Project Status and Next Steps                                                         

Preproduction Verification, a comprehensive program of testing, retesting, feedback and corrections on the new integrated library system, Sierra/Encore Duet, began in October and wrapped up this month.

At this time, FALSC and FLVC staff, and library faculty and staff have suspended implementation work on Sierra/Encore Duet in order to give vendor Innovative Interfaces the opportunity to resolve all reported system issues by our agreed-upon deadline, Dec. 18.

The initial period of large-scale testing, Oct. 9-20, uncovered more than 190 issues and 31 major problems, including deficiencies in performance and capacity. Issues were submitted to vendor Innovative Interfaces for resolution, and several have been addressed.

The system was retested Nov. 14-Dec. 2 by FALSC and FLVC staff, the ILS Working Groups, and other faculty and staff from the colleges and universities. A new version of the Sierra software, Release 3.4, was loaded onto the Production server on Nov. 30.

After the second round of testing ended Dec. 2, 15 issues were added to the priority list. A new version of Encore Duet, Release 4.7, was installed Dec. 6.

Per our contract, Innovative has until Dec. 18 to resolve required features, functionality, performance, and security issues. The new system will then undergo Executive Review to determine system acceptance based on its status as of that date.

The Members Council on Library Services (MCLS) heard a complete report on test results and overall project status, along with options for next steps, at its quarterly meeting Dec. 7-8 in Tallahassee.

Please visit the project wiki for more information, or to find the most recent Project Timeline Overview and presentation slides and handouts from the December MCLS meeting.


Staying Informed

There are several paths for finding information about the ILS project:


Prior Implementation Status Updates


Implementation Timeline Implementation Timeline


July - August:

  • Sierra and Encore servers set up
  • Initial profiling complete
  • Merged records loaded/indexed on the server

September - December:

  • Functionality training for Working Groups and FALSC staff
  • Data clean-up by Backstage Library Works (BSLW)
  • Iterative review of data and parameters


Throughout the year: 

  • Continued system development and testing
  • Data loading and review


  • Reload of data from BSLW to Test server

February - July: 

  •  In-person training for public college and university library staff statewide

August - September:

  • Production server reloaded with millions of freshly extracted, merged, and de-duped records from the colleges and universities

October - December:

  • Preproduction Verification testing and feedback


  • Executive Review and Approval to Proceed



  • Client Readiness Review


  • Phased "Go Live"