Librarians using computers.

Join the team that is implementing the next generation integrated library system - Sierra / Encore Duet.

Collaboration and Communication

Successful implementation of Sierra/Encore Duet requires the collaboration and support of librarians, IT staff, administrators, and others from each of Florida’s colleges and universities. To facilitate communication and interaction, several teams have been developed to support the effort.

ILS implementation is utilizing wikis to facilitate discussion and collaboration. A generic password is required to view wiki content, and an individual password is required for authorized users to edit wiki content. Access is available to staff at Florida’s public colleges and universities. Please contact your Local ILS Coordinator or the Help Desk to request login information.

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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides oversight on the project and ensures all deadlines and milestones are met. It consists of FALSC and FLVC leadership as well as representation from the MCLS.

Member Institution
Pam Northrup, Vice President of the Division of Research and Strategic Innovation,  UWF Innovation Institute Chief Executive Officer

University of West Florida

Anne Prestamo, Dean of Libraries Florida International University
Mike Dieckmann, Associate Vice President of the Division of Research and Strategic Innovation, FLVC Chief Operating Officer University of West Florida
Lori Driscoll, Director, Library Services Gulf Coast State College
Elijah Scott, Executive Director Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative
Ellen Bishop, Director of Integrated Library Services Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative


Implementation Team

The Implementation Team oversees all functions of the implementation and monitors progress. The team consists of FALSC staff, representatives of the MCLS, and the chairs of each of the Working Groups.

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Working Groups

The project has eight Working Groups, each of which oversees a specific area of the new system. Each group consists of six to nine library staff members and a FALSC staff liaison. If needed, these groups will designate liaisons to work with other working groups to ensure that progress is being made in all facets of the system. All working groups will operate until the implementation is completed. 

Discussion Groups

Each Working Group has a corresponding Discussion Group to facilitate communication with the broader community. Discussion Groups are open to all interested college and university library staff and participation is encouraged. Join any Discussion Group to get updates on implementation, learn about webinars and training, and ask questions. 

Institution Coordinators

Each institution has a local ILS Coordinator. The local ILS Coordinator serves as the primary conduit of information between the Implementation Team and library staff. Typically, the ILS Coordinator will facilitate the local implementation for the library and serves as a single point of contact to handle any issues that arise from switching to the new suite of products.

Institution IT Contacts

Each institution has an IT Contact that will support implementation. 

Milestones and Events Milestones and Events


  • April: Contract signed
  • April: Working Groups form
  • April: Discussion Groups available
  • April-May: Regional user meetings
  • May: Documentation webinar
  • May-July: FALSC staff training
  • July-August: Sierra and Encore servers set up
  • September-December: Functionality training for Working Groups and FALSC staff


  • February-July: Training for college and university library staff statewide
  • August-September: Production server reload
  • October-December: Preproduction Verification
  • December: Executive Review