Discussion Groups

Join any of the eight topic-based Discussion Groups to stay informed and get involved in the implementation.

Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups receive the same information provided to the Working Groups. Discussion Groups are open to all interested college and university library staff – participants are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback.

To join a group, click on Discussion Group link below. 

Working Group Discussion Group Login Required Icon Topics Covered
Acquisitions/Serials  Discussion Group Development of acquisitions functionality, conversion of current acquisitions data into the new system, serials check in and pattern records, and all relevant reports.
Cataloging/Authorities  Discussion Group Development of cataloging activities including the merger of college and university databases, all items and holdings data, data conversion, implementation of authority control, clean-up work, and all relevant reports.
Circulation/Resource Sharing Discussion Group Development of all circulation and interlibrary loan related functionality; including patron data, check out procedures, fines and notices, data conversion, and all relevant reports.
Discovery Interface Discussion Group Development of the new discovery tool's public interface, including the look and feel of the union catalog as well as make recommendations on how each institution sets up its local interface, usability testing and instructional design for the discovery interface. Development of the new tool's back-end configuration, including bib records, data mapping for MARC and non-MARC data, OAI-PMH harvesting, knowledge base configuration, link resolution, and authentication.
E-Resources Management Discussion Group Development of electronic resource management functionality.
Joint Use Discussion Group Development of services and policies related to joint-use facilities, namely those that involve college and university institutions.
Systems Discussion Group Development and delivery of reports, access and permissions, printing, batch loading, data conversion, and interoperability with enterprise systems, such as Banner and PeopleSoft.
Training Discussion Group Development and delivery of training and documentation activities associated with this implementation.


FALSC Liaisons

A FALSC staff person serves as liaison to each Working Group.

Working and Discussion Group FALSC Liaison FALSC Co-Liaison
Acquisitions/Serials Donna Alsbury Natalie Henri-Bennett
Cataloging/Authorities Daniel Cromwell Melissa Stinson
Circulation/Resource Sharing Wendy Ellis Brenda Rutten
Discovery Interface Cherie McCraw John Sandstrum
E-Resources Management Scott Schmucker Cherie McCraw
Joint Use Mary Ann O’Daniel Wendy Ellis
Systems Jeannie Dixon Cindy Fox
Training Brenda Rutten Lisa Tatum
John Sandstrum

Milestones and Events Milestones and Events


  • April: Contract signed
  • April: Working Groups form
  • April: Discussion Groups available
  • April-May: Regional user meetings
  • May: Documentation webinar
  • May-July: FALSC staff training
  • July-August: Sierra and Encore servers set up
  • September-December: Functionality training for Working Groups and FALSC staff


  • February-July: Training for college and university library staff statewide
  • August-September: Production server reload
  • October-December: Preproduction Verification
  • December: Executive Review