Library support staff filling in a form.

Submit policy changes and request specialized services to improve your library’s workflow.


Use the following forms to request data services or submit policy changes for your library. 

Instructions: Please save a selected form to your local computer, then open and fill out the downloaded copy using Acrobat or another PDF reader. Completed forms should be emailed as attachments to the Help Center.

Note: Although it may appear that a form can be filled out in your web browser, your information may be lost when the file is saved for submission. Please download forms first, then fill them out.


Form Number Title  
008 Access to local Electronic Resources  
034 Activating Local E-Journals in SFX  
030 Add New MARC Record Vendor for E-Books or Print Books  
032 Add New PDA / DDA E-Book Vendor  
010 Batch Change Item Records  
028 Batch Delete Item Records  
020 Borrower Record Submission Schedule  
031 Create a Profile for Batch Loading Order Records  
035 Create New Item Status for Circulation  
021 Electronic Ordering: EDI Vendor Setup  
016 E-Resources Screen Change  
014 Online Transfer of Borrower Data  
009 Policy File Change Request  
015 Staff Privileges Request  
036 Set Up Vendor Record Load with P-File_90  
037 EZProxy Log File Request Form