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FALSC Digital Services

Collaborating with public post-secondary education institutions
to create and support Florida libraries' digital archives and collections,
including scholary journals, electornic theses and dissertations, archival finind aids,
open access textbooks, and education resources.  § F.S. 1006.73 (2)(a) & (2)(c)


Products and Services

Florida Academic Digital Collections Index

Through collaboration with our member libraries we are pleased to announce that we will be launching a Florida Academic Digital Collections Index later this year (Planned for release this Summer/Fall 2019). Developed to include multiple platforms across our members, this index will provide a statewide searchable database that includes an inventory of digital archives and collections held by public postsecondary education institutions (§ F.S. 1006.73 (2)(a)4.). The Digital Services and OER team worked with stakeholders across FALSC member institutions to review a sampling of digital collection display records and gather recommendations for improvements to the index within the discovery layer provided by FALSC. The features and functionality of the first phase of index will be based off of the recommendations included within the Digital Services and OER March MCLS Digital Collections Index Recommendations Report and will attempt to index all digital collections of FALSC members. Platforms harvested for the live site will include all collections contained in the Inventory of Digital Libraries and Collections Held by Florida Public Universities and State Colleges 2018 Update, all collections within FALSC hosted platforms (i.e. FL-Islandora, Florida OJ, Orange Grove), and identified OER collections (i.e. Open Textbook Library, Open Stax). The demo index can be seen at Any feedback on the demo site can be provide to

Florida Online Journals (Florida OJ)

The Florida Online Journals (Florida OJ) program can work with your library to publish and produce open access journals. If you need a publishing system for your journal, Florida OJ can provide a free platform and technical support. Editors using Florida OJ may use the platform to have journal authors submit and edit manuscripts and publish their journal issues to the world wide web.  Florida OJ, similiar to journal publishing platforms you may be familiar with, supports basic search and browse features for hosted journals. In addition, editors may use the platform to facilitate national indexing (i.e with the Directory of Open Access Journals), provide RSS feeds for integrating your content into other sites, generate automatic email notifications for users, and several other features.  If you want to know more about these available features or you wish to request a new journal site hosted with Florida OJ please:

Florida OJ software is currently being upgrade to the latest Open Journal Systems (OJS) version.  FALSC plans to upgrade production servers before summer 2019.  Information on the upgrade process and training information for the new OJS version can be found on the OJS 2 to 3 Upgrade page.


Florida Islandora (FL-Islandora)

A digital library platform, Florida Islandora (FL-Islandora), enables users to create digital collections and make them accessible to the public.  FL-Islandora sites are available free of charge to public universities and community colleges in Florida.  If you would like a FL-Islandora site for your institution, contact to request more information.  Libraries using the FL-Islandora platform can find detailed instructions on the Florida Islandora Guides (FIG) wiki and can stay up to date with news about the system shared through the Florida Islandora listservIslandora SubGroup (ISG) meetings are held monthly between FALSC and libraries using FL-Islandora;  Agendas and links to these meetings are posted on the  Islandora SubGroup (ISG) LibGuides page.  FL-Islandora is currently being enhanced to improve user experiences.  FALSC plans for these improvements to be completed by summer 2019.  Gallery of sites using FL-Islandora:

Broward College Florida Gulf Coast University Florida Atlantic University Libraries Hillsborough Community CollegeFlorida State College at Jacksonville Florida State University Valencia College Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials (PALMM)Lake Sumter State CollegeUniversity of Central FloridaSt. Petersburg CollegeFlorida Agricultural and Mechanical UniversityUniversity of West Florida

Publication of Archival, Library and Museum Materials (PALMM)

Publication of Archival, Library and Museum Materials (PALMM) supports the cooperative building of shared collections using common standards and a shared infrastructure by providing digital access to important source materials for research and scholarship.  Projects may involve a single university or college or may be involve collaborative efforts between a university or college and partners within or outside of the state university or college system. PALMM projects create high-quality virtual collections relevant to the students, research community, and citizens of Florida. Detailed PALMM documentation is available.  Click here to visit the PALMM collections homepage

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)

Digital services provides support for your institution's Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) program through storage, web access, and security controls.  Your graduate school or library will need to provide software which will allow students to upload and describe their ETDs and send us a copy of the accepted final ETD along with descriptive metadata in METS format. Ous services host the URL online, provide a PURL, create a catalog record for your local Aleph OPAC, and manage access controls.  Digital services staff at FALSC are available to speak with your library and other departments on campus about starting an ETD program. Several members of the Digital Initiatives Standing Committee are also available to talk about ETD programs at their local campus.


FALSC provides limited support for the long-term preservation of digital content.  At the December 2018 meeting of the Members Council of Library Services (MCLS), a motion was passed to sunset the Florida Digital Archive and return archival packages to affiliates.  In accordance with this motion FALSC is currently taking steps to ensure removal and transfer of content prior to June 30, 2019. 

DAITSS (Dark Archives In The Sunshine State) is an open source digital preservation software application developed for the Florida Digital Archive. The Florida Digital Archive was the first fully OAIS conformant repository in production in the United States. DAITSS provides automated support for the functions of submission, ingest, archival storage, access, withdrawal, and repository management, and is particularly well suited for materials in text, document, image, audio, and video formats.  DAITSS software is Open Source and available to any other repository.  DAITSS is OAIS (Open Archival Information System ISO 14721:2003) and PREMIS (Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies) conformant.  For more information on DAITSS please see the METS DAITSS SIP Profile and the Table of Recommended Data Formats for Preservation Purposes.

Archival Finding Aids

Archon is a software tool for curators of archives and manuscript collections to create encoded archvial description (EAD) finding aids, linked authority records for creators and subject headings, and other information. Finding aids created in Archon can be displayed in Archon or exported by the user for import into other systems. FLVC currently hosts and maintains Archon installations for libraries, however migration is underway to ArchivesSpace. FALSC is paying for all costs for ArchivesSpace through the end of fiscal year ’19-‘20. For the fiscal year beginning in July 2020, each institution will be responsible for paying for their ArchivesSpace hosting fee at a discounted rate negotiated by FALSC (Savings of ~$39,000 statewide).

As of Spring 2019, FALSC is in the process of migrating from Archon to ArchivesSpace.  All institutions previously using Archon hosted through FLVC have been contacted and are either in process of migration or are slated for deletion.  A LibGuide to track the status of the migration is available at  The ArvhivesSpace Training center can be accessed at: Announcements will be sent and workflows will be shared between institutions using the listserv FLVC-ARCHIVES-MIGRATION@LISTSERV.FLVC.ORG , which any interested parties may subscribe to by sending a request to Please note that this arrangement is available to *all* FALSC member libraries.


By appointment, digital services consultations are available:

  • In-Person (Gainesville Location)
  • By Phone (352-415-6800)
  • By Email (
  • Or Online (WebEx)


Reports and Publications


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  • Black History Resources in Florida’s Digital Libraries (PDF) (Word)


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Digital Services and OER Team


Rebel Cummings-Sauls

Director of Digital Services and Open Education Resources (OER)

M.L.I.S, Florida State University; B.S., Information Studies, Florida State University


Lydia Motyka

Lydia Motyka
Digital Services and OER Coordinator

M.S., Information Science, Drexel University; B.A., Sociology, SUNY Binghamton



Wilhelmina Randtke

Wilhelmina Randtke
Digital Services and OER Coordinator

  • MLIS, Library and Information Studies, Florida State University, J.D., Florida State University College of Law; B.S., Zoology, University of Florida



Stephen Szanati

Stephen Szanati
Digital Services and OER Support Specialist

A.S., Graphic Design Technology; A.S., Internet Services Tech; A.A., General Social & Behavior Science , Santa Fe College




Shaping lifelong learners in the State of Florida by enhanced and enriched support of the learning experience with cost effective leadership and collaboration with the Florida Libraries' digital community of higher education.


The mission of the Digital Services and Open Educational Resources unit of the Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative is to provide high-quality, affordable, and collaborative resources and services for Florida public postsecondary institutions that enhance learning, teaching, and research through facilitated access to a user-centric, open access treasury of unique cultural heritage materials, education resources, textbooks, scholarly communications, and original research.


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