The Cataloging module allows you to create and manage item, bibliographic, and holdings records, manage item statuses, and print spine labels. FLVC's current configuration supports the following:

  • Three bibliographic databases (FCC01 for the colleges, UXU01 for the universities and PDA01 for PDA/DDA records for both)
  • Two holdings databases (FCC60 for the colleges and UXU60 for the universities)
  • Two authority databases (FCC10 for the colleges and LCA10 for the universities)
  • Individual databases for each institution (XXX50)

The colleges and universities have developed a combined set of guidelines for both bibliographic database FALSC is currently supporting. These guidelines will be used and modified once a shared system for all 40 institutions has been implemented.


Detailed Help

Information and step-by-step instructions for many Cataloging functions are listed below. Search our comprehensive knowledge base for additional articles.