API Information

Innovative is building a suite of Application Program Interfaces - APIs - that will allow libraries and third parties to integrate their applications with the Sierra platform. APIs are a way to organize interactions and the exchange of data between systems. Innovative has two sets of APIs, legacy APIs and RESTful APIs. Examples of legacy APIs are SQL, (s)FTP, SOAP, XML and Delimited Files. RESTful APIs include HTTP and JSON based APIs. Using industry standard RESTful principles, Sierra REST APIs provide a standard web-based interface for developers to build new applications, such as seamless system integrations and custom reports. Innovative also provides a variety of support resources including API documentation, Developer's Sandbox and Developer's Community. 

APIs Available Now

  • Item Status API: Integrates Sierra Circulation with RFID. Communicates with your institution’s RFID system to have the security tag switched to the correct setting automatically, allowing checkout/checkin and renewal of multiple items at once.
  • Patron API (URL): Allows the library to offer complete patron information to an external system for such uses as an access gate or "one card" system or to provide data for patron verification by another database. In response to an HTTP request on an access-controlled port for a URL specifying the patron, the URL Patron API provides structured HTML output of all patron record data for external processing with diagnostic messages, including machine-parsable codes that are returned for error conditions, e.g., an invalid patron identifier.
  • Patron Update Web Service
  • Fine Payment Web Service
  • Bib API
  • Authorities API
  • Branches API
  • Acquisitions API (orders only)

Additionally, the following capabilities are available:

  • Patron API Endpoints
  • Renew a checkout
  • Validate patron PIN against valid PIN business rules
  • Update patron's PIN
  • Get patron record by barcode
  • Get number of renewals for a patron
  • Get notes and queue length for holds

Innovative's Roadmap

  • Search API
    • Leverage Search API endpoints for RLMS integration (e.g., eReserve)
    • New Synchronous and asynchronous search endpoints
    • Create Lists & Encore Keyword Style Queries
    • Optional review file creation
    • Query against all record types supported by API (bibs, items, patrons,order, authorities, etc)
  • Patron API - Full CRUD (create, read, update, delete)
    • Create new patron records
    • Update all fields on existing patron records
  • Bib API - Full CRUD (create, read, update, delete)
  • Items API- Full CRUD (create, read, update, delete)
  • Accounting API